About Me

About Me

Hello Everyone! 

My name is Sam and I’m a college student just trying to figure life out. I have never had a blog nor shared my life on such a public platform, so here it goes..

I am a Business Management student at CSULB and I honestly missed the opportunities I had in high school to be creative, so I decided I needed to spice up my life a little. I already travel often with my boyfriend and we always joked we would seriously review different places we venture through. Funny enough, here I am. Ready to blog.

I decided to start a blog based on all my passions and creative projects ( I find myself in those quite often). Although I really do not know much about blogging I have plenty of experience in trying new recipes, projects and exploring new places. Leave it to me to try things for you first.

Hopefully you all enjoy my take on life and find something useful out of my blog. So stick around and Catch the Wave.

With love,


P.S Enjoy this old senior photo of myself from 2015 lol