Decorating a Cake

Decorating a cake can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. There are a lot of choices when it comes to decorating, what color, what piping tip, what sprinkles, what design blah blah blah. I am here to hopefully simplify it. There are a lot of different ways you can decorate and I will mention those but this is a classic design and extremely customizable. So to start off with baking your cake!

First, spray the bottom of your pan (9 x 2-inch) with a nonstick spray and cut parchment paper to the size of your pan. For safe measure, I also spray the pans one more time once I lay the paper down. For this recipe, I used one yellow box cake mix and split the batter in half. 

Once it bakes golden brown let them completely cool. 

This parchment paper makes removing it so easy. Just take a knife, clean the edges and just flip over. It should just flip right out. 

Peel off the parchment from the bottom of the cake. 

Grab the dish you plan on serving the cake on. I personally pipe a little frosting under the first layer just so everything stays put. The first layer goes flat side down to keep the cake stable. 

Next, take your choice of frosting and frost the first layer.  I used the whipped cream frosting. It is so light and delicious if you’re interested the recipe is here.

You will want to smooth the frosting out so this layer is flat as possible. 

Next, add in any filling you would like or none at all. You could even add sprinkles in this layer os just have a fun frosting flavor. I used a simple strawberry filling recipe if you’re interested it is here. I had to add more frosting to make the layer a little more flat since the strawberry filling isn’t perfectly flat.

Next, you take the next layer of cake and put the bottom facing up. So the flat side of the cake should be on top. 

The next thing I did was frost the outside of the cake I put a thick layer and took a cake scraping tool to make it perfectly flat all around. Just adding frosting around the sides and on the top. It takes time to make it perfect. This was actually the first time I tried to fully cover a cake with frosting. 

After that, I added the tips all around the cake. 

I then took clear sugar sprinkles and put it on the top and around the edges of the cake. 

There are so many different ways to decorate this is really just the simplest way to decorate. I recommend buying a tool that helps with piping, like this one. Direct link to buy on picture for just $19.99.

 I have this tool and it makes it really simple to decorate and pipe designs. Honestly, it is all about having the right tools and practicing. This is really only the third the cake I have ever decorated. The first one was…… interesting to say the least, I was only 13 though.😂 Anyways, get creative with your tools and your designs. Head over to my Pinterest and look at my Quick Tips Board to see a few different piping styles and designs. The options are endless, you can change the sprinkles, the color of the Frosting, the piping tips, adding words or candles. Cater your cake to whatever event it is for! The person receiving the cake will love it simply knowing you took time to do it yourself! Thanks for reading along and catching the wave with me this week. Subscribe to the blog down below via email. Also, don’t forget to follow all my social medias also listed below! See you next week! 🙂


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Decorating a Cake
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