Easy DIY Jewelry and Recipe Box

Easy DIY Jewelry and Recipe Box

Valentine’s Day is coming up fast and the options of stuff to get for your loved ones are endless. I am a big DIY sentimental gifter. I love making or buying personalized gifts so I, of course, had a couple of ideas. Soon I will be posting my Valentine’s Day Gift Guides for Him & Her, so don’t miss that if you want even more ideas. Let’s get into my two ideas for the women in your life. These ideas are cheap enough that you don’t need to stress about spending big bucks to get your loved one a gift. 

I went to Michales and picked out a blank wooden jewelry box and recipe box. The options are endless but here is an idea of what I did to my boxes. 

I painted the jewelry box white inside and out. For the jewelry box, I took the ribbon and hot glued it to the top of the box. I got this ribbon on a roll with a few different types of ribbon on it for like $3. 

When reaching the corner, I folded the ribbon over and continued all the way around. 

At the end, I cut it and folded it a little so it would match the other corners.

Then I painted the front with chalkboard paint. This is totally up to you. This box doesn’t even have to be for jewelry. If you gift it as a jewelry box, they have the little inserts for jewelry at places like Bed Bath and Beyond.  Or something like this from Amazon for $8.70. Click the link if you’re interested. Also be sure you buy an insert that fits in your box or you can alter to fit. 

I kept mine simple and just added some paper for presentation. 

Overall a super easy DIY. 

I did not really document this transformation step by step. I painted it white and the inside I painted pink. 

I bought some lacey ribbon and used the backside of it to glue to the box. 

I suck at cursive so not hate please lol. I painted the word recipes on the box and called it done. If you have the wood engraving tool that would amazing too!  I don’t have one nor do I trust my skills with one yet so I stuck with paint. I made it so it was still girly but worked in my kitchen (it’s for my mom)😁.

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