So it’s Halloween and you are thinking to yourself… wow I wish I had something spooky 👻and fun to do. Well do not fret, I’ve got a list of halloween plans you can make at the last minute!

  1. go trick or treating/ hand candy out at your house 🍬

  2. watch spooky movies and cuddle up on the couch with candy, popcorn, and your favorite drink 🍿

  3. possibly with your favorite personHocus Pocus Halloween series Disney classics (Halloweentown, Don’t Look Under the Bed) Oculus (Netflix) Anabelle Veronica (Netflix, English subtitles, true story!) The Strangers IT (new +old) A Quiet Place The Haunting of Hill House (Netflix, series, SO GOOD)

  4. carve/ paint pumpkins 🎃

  5. stop at the grocery store for some pumpkins and go wild!

  6. go out to a bar or eat at a restaurant ⭐

  7. look up your local festivities🕸️🕷️ “halloween events near me”

  8. Haunted Hayrides, Mazes, Haunted Houses, Ghost Tours, LB Zombie Fest,

  9. go to a theme park 🎢

  10. Disneyland/ Universal Horror Nights/ Knott’s Scary Farm/ Queen Mary

  11. go to a pumpkin patch 🍁

  12. force your friends/ family to get together and eat good food 👻

  13. bake fall treats 🍪

  14. like my treats I made on the blog last week! If you missed it check them out here.

  15. see a movie at Hollywood Forever Cemetery 🎥

I hope this helped you guys think of something to do tonight! Even if you just stay in with a glass of wine and a face mask, girl that’s good enough. 

#halloween #halloweenplans

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