I’m a very sentimental girl so when it comes to sentimental gifts, I got it. The first idea that comes to mind always involves some sort of DIY project. For some they find this exhausting but that is what really makes a gift sentimental. True effort and deep thought. So of course I do not know your mothers or grandmothers so I can’t say for certain what they like. Hopefully this list will just jumpstart some basic ideas for you to take off with. 

1. A Picnic with Her Favorite Foods

A simple picnic planned out either at home in the backyard or at the local park. Laying out a nice picnic blanket with food and family.

2. Breakfast in Bed

This is a classic mothers day “surprise”. Presentation can make the food cute and adorable or beautiful and elegant. It is up to you.

3. Spa Day at Home

You can make this as simple as you want. Buy some face masks and nails polish and set up a little spa area. I am actually going to be doing this for the moms in my family this year. I plan to get different face masks, set up some mirrors and lay out all things for nail care. On top of that I plan on including some sort of DIY project everyone can take part in. A few options would be: DIY bath bombs, potted plants, custom mason jars, or decorating coffee mugs. You can even go as far to hire a masseuse.

4. Shutterfly Scrapbook

For those of you who want to be sentimental but maybe don’t have the time to sit down and really scrapbook. Shutterfly makes it really easy to customize small books and for a good price. They always have promotions going on so get yourself a good discount!

5. DIY Bath Bombs

Instead of buying her a bath bomb already made, make one from scratch. It really is pretty simple and a fun way to customize your gift. You can add a surprise inside, use her favorite colors and favorite scents. I found the molds and different essential oils on Amazon. You can even get creative with the molds. You don’t have to buy simple spheres you can get hearts, starfish and more. My recipe and blog post here.

6. Handmade Trinkets from Kids (Mugs, Necklaces, Drawings, Cards)

Mothers appreciate the smallest things. Especially when their child or grandchild tried really hard to make something they would love. Pasta necklaces and a nice hug from the kids, what could be sweeter?

7. Baking/ Making Her Favorite Food

Surprise her with her favorite meal or snack. Even if you get it totally wrong she will appreciate the thought. 

8. Decorating the House 

Waking up to a house decorated in honor of you? Sign me up! This could be as simple as hanging strings from the ceiling and handmade posters all tied up. Adding some balloons and maybe a makeshift red carpet would be fun too! 

9. Jewelry with Kids Birthstones

My sister-in-law thought this was a cute idea. A way for mom to be reminded of her kids even when they are apart. 

10. Sleep

Letting mom sleep in a bit is always a good gift and much appreciated. Simply catering to whatever she wants to do that day is a gift enough.

It will always come down to whatever interests your mom most. Say she really enjoys photography, gift her some photos of the family in a nice frame. Sometimes all it takes it listening to what she really needs and wants. Customization makes a gift that much more sentimental.

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