Don’t know what to get the dads in your life for father’s day? Don’t even worry! Here are 7 options that don’t take too much effort but mean a lot.  

1. Ask what they NEED, be a good listener. 

My dad suggested he needs new regular shirts, some nice polo shirts, shorts, shoes and barbecue tools. Classic options to choose from.

2. A coupon or ticket to an activity they love doing.

Baseball fanatic? Gun range junkie? Golfing king? Whatever it may be get them a pass, ticket or coupon to whatever it may be.

3. Getaway trip.

A little trip to San Diego or Big Bear to make some memories isn’t a terrible idea, especially if it’s a place he loves going but never gets to go.

4.  Camping/Fishing trip

Almost all dads I know love to camp and “rough it”, even though most the time they are hardly roughing it BUT anyways, camping is a fun family activity to go out and do. You could even camp in your backyard if you have little ones and really don’t want to have too much trouble (it’s also money-saving that way!)

5. For the busy tech dads: Apple Watch

These watches will help him spend (hopefully) a little less time on his phone and more time with family! They provide shortcuts and quick ways to get what you need done, DONE. This may not seem sentimental but the time it saves him to spend with family with make it all worth it.

6. Breakfast in Bed

This idea has always been mostly correlated to women and mothers, but what dad doesn’t like food? Especially in his bed, without having to do any cooking. 

7. Sleep

Alike to my Mother’s Day gift ideas, sleep is always something a parent wants when they have little kids. Maybe they just want to sleep all day, and that’s okay too.

These are just some ideas to stem from but you can take any of these and make them your own. They can be customized to his likes and preferences. Maybe he hates camping, go to the drive-in instead, or host a movie night with the kids. Whatever it may be, you’re going to have the best father’s day gift out there! Good luck and Happy Father’s Day!!

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