2020 is flying. How is January already over and we are 1 week out from Valentine’s Day?! Since this holiday hit us quick I am sure you might be scrambling for gift ideas. You are in luck, I got some classic ideas and some ideas with a twist. Whether you are buying for a partner, a parent, a family member or a bestie.

1. Flowers

You can’t go wrong with flowers. Always a good move, especially if you know their favorite flowers or colors!

2. Dessert

If this is a new relationship you could go simple and just grab dessert together. If y’all have been boo’d up for quite some time you could make them something special or deliver it to their work!

3. A Wine Purse

This is something I didn’t know I needed until I knew I needed it. Specifically, I would go for the smaller black one. Perf for the beach 🤫

4. Romantic Date (Day or Night)

I know this could mean a million things. On a budget, I would get fast food or something simple and take it to the park, beach or just your backyard, whatever works.

Of course, if you got a little more room in the budget you can either up the menu or just grab a bite at a new place you haven’t tried before.

5. Make Breakfast / Dinner for Them

I am all about this one haha. It’s sentimental, can be relatively cheap and it’s easily customizable.

6. Small Surprises

Maybe you leave a little note on the mirror in the morning or you make them lunch for the next day. Just a little something to make them smile.

7. An Experience Together

Paint together, bake something or build a little fort in your living room and watch a movie. Whatever could be special to you.

8. Gifts Under $25



Jewelry from Etsy


Mini Perfume Set

There are soooo many things you can find for under $25. Sephora has a ton of stuff under $25 and Target has a lot of cute self-care products.

Feel free to shoot me a DM if you need more help coming up with a cute idea for your valentine! ☺️🍒❣️

Let’s catch the wave! 🌊

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