Memorial Day is an amazing holiday to be spent with family and friends and of course.. the all American way! I came up with an easy way to make an American classic just a bit more American. A take on the classic s’more but with red and blue chocolate bark instead of plain old Hershey’s chocolate. 



-Graham Crackers

-Red and Blue Melting Chocolate Chips

-Crisco Vegetable Shortening 

-Parchment Paper

First you are going to melt the blue and red melts over a double boiler (basically boiling water under a glass bowl). Use the entire bag of melts for each color. I found my melts at Michaels, but they sell them at Walmart as well. 

Adding Crisco or any Vegetable Shortening will make the chocolate easier to pour and more “liquidy”.

Grab a casserole dish about 9 x 13 inches and fill with parchment paper. The dish can be any size it just depends how thick you want your chocolate. A baking sheet would make even thinner chocolate if that is your preference.

Once both colors are melted, pour parts of them in at one time. Pouring only half at a time will make the marbling effect much easier to achieve. This is what it looks like once both colors are completely poured in.

Grab a toothpick to marble the colors together. Careful not mix the colors because it will change the color to purple.

Let the chocolate set in the freezer for at least an hour. Take the parchment out of the dish and then cut in rows. Make sure to cute the chocolate small enough to fit inside the graham cracker. 

*Some pieces may crack and make triangle shapes, opposed to square but that is okay! Just be careful to cut as many square pieces as you can

Chocolate is complete! Now to make some s’mores!

Enjoy your All American S’mores this Memorial Day! Or even for Fourth of July! Your family will be impressed with the little extra effort for these s’mores. Making a classic just a little more exciting! If you try the recipe leave a comment below on how it came out 🙂 

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