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Hello everyone! I know this post is so overdue! I went to Cabo over summer and have barely got around to completing this post. I want to detail the different places we saw and things we did. I will be throwing in some tips of what to do, not to do and just some warnings. My family and I planned this trip at the beginning of summer and it took a while to organize people, passports, hotels and all that. Once we got it all settled it came down to just getting there. We did not pre plan any of our activities but just came with an idea of things we wanted to do. 

Arriving in Cabo

So we arrived at the airport and did what everyone told us NOT to do. There are many people trying to pull you in and talk about a taxi or activities. We were obviously pulled in. In theory it wasn’t a terrible deal. We paid $60 for a taxi to take us to our hotel and then back to the airport when we needed. “All” we had to do was go see a brand new hotel and enjoy it for the day and we got 2 free activities and $30 back (oh and 2 bottles of tequila we ended up leaving). We kept asking is this a time share presentation and the guy kept saying no, well he was lying. The reason I say it wasn’t terrible is because we got our 2 free activities, free breakfast and a free ride into Cabo San Lucas (our hotel was in San Jose del Los Cabos). In turn, we had to sacrifice about 3- 4 hours of our time to do that, so really it is up to you and what you think is worth it. I won’t lie they get a little annoyed when you keep saying no to a time share and just want your activities. It is of course not as easy as it seems. They try to persuade you until the very last second and then you finally get to plan the free activities. I will get more into our activities later in the post!

Hotel- Royal Decameron 

When planning this trip we went back and forth between so many different hotels. We got recommendations from friends, we went to AAA, and we did our own research. We narrowed it down between Royal Solaris and Royal Decameron. Our main things we wanted consisted of: beach front property, swim-up bar, nice rooms, big pools and lounging, and multiple restaurants. We considered the ideas of staying in Cabo San Lucas but those options were so much more expensive. We obviously ended up choosing the Royal Decameron.

This was one of the main pools at our hotel. I must say, we all really liked it! Now of course there are some downsides to consider but for the price and what you get it isn’t a bad deal. This is an all-inclusive resort and we paid about $250 a night. Most hotels in Cabo or in San Jose were around that price but were not all-inclusive. We decided that even if we hated the food it wasn’t a bad price. Honestly, the food was decent and some things were really good. They had a lot of options at the buffet and the snack area during the day. The dinner menu flip flopped every other night but it was set with a few options. It turns out the hotel only had two restaurants. One by the pool which had snacks in the day time and it closed at 5 to prepare dinner reservations. Then they had a buffet style restaurant closer to the lobby. This buffet restaurant stayed open til 2 am with snacks which was perfect because we went to the Club they had. They had about 4 bars so that was convenient. There was also an adult only pool but that filled up pretty quickly. Another thing we loved was the interactive employees. They had about 4 people who would play games at the pool and get people to interact. They also held the parties/concert/activities at night. They worked all day long and we really appreciated them. If you have kids or just like to interact with people this is perfect. Also, the Dolphin Center, the place who plans all the activities, is right across the street from the hotel. The spa was also really nice but you had to get a treatment done to use the jacuzzi or the sauna. 

One downside of the hotel was there was no eating by the pool. By that I mean we couldn’t order food at the swim up bar and we also could not go into the snack area wet or without clothes. I am pretty sure this is a tactic so people will be less likely to take advantage of the all-inclusive food. So that was a bummer but not the end of the world. Another downside, the elevators were broken during our stay, we had to take the stairs everywhere, luckily this resort does not have more than 3 levels. 

One of the nights we ate dinner at the restaurant. The service was really good and the servers really care. Also, since it is all-inclusive, you could order as much as you wanted if the servings were too small for you. 

Bruschetta Appetizer

Lamb Chops


We went on the trip to celebrate my mom’s birthday so we secretly asked them if they could do anything. They actually don’t really practice this idea like a lot of American restaurants, so it was really special they went out of their way. They also sang us the traditional Happy Birthday song in Mexico, which was really special to my mom.  

Cabo San Lucas Marina-

So we got to go into the heart of Cabo when we went on that time share hotel adventure. We left at about 9 a.m and were done around 1 p.m, so that left us with time to hang out. 

Let me be the first to tell you it was HOT and HUMID. This drink was refreshing and cool but had a lot of alcohol. We decided to walk through the souvenir shops (not indoors).  We finally made our way to the “mall” looking area. 

Tip- wear comfy clothes that are breezy, you will be sweating for sure

Captain Tony’s

We checked in for our glass bottom boat ride and wanted to grab a quick snack for lunch. We were HUNGRY.

Shrimp Cocktail, my parents definitely approved.

Steak Nachos

Steak Quesadilla

Glass Bottom Boat Ride & Zip-lining

  My parents weren’t interested in the other activities so we got the Glass Bottom Boat Ride for free. There was a good amount of activities but the weather was being sketchy and we didn’t want to spend 6 hours on a boat tour of Cabo. 

We saw pretty much everything the tourist spots are supposed to hit on this $6 USD boat ride, that we got for free. It is definitely worth it even if you have to pay the $6. This was a super choppy day and that was a little scary but the guides were very helpful. I ended up getting really seasick because of all the motion and trying to take pictures. My boyfriend and another woman got sick and luckily right when you get off there is a pharmacy. I drank a lot of water and bought some medicine for seasickness and it kicked in pretty quick.

We chose the Zip-lining activity with the safest company for our second activity. Unfortunately once we got suited up and got there, it started pouring rain and it was too dangerous. That seriously turned into a hot mess of a day (but a story nonetheless). It would have been SO much fun and the food they provided was delicious!! We would have rescheduled but the weather was still up in the air and we didn’t want to spend our last day wasted all over again.

Lateral Tacos:

My mom really wanted tacos one night so we walked across the street from our hotel and found this one. 

It was pretty busy so the service was a little slow. They had a big variety of tacos but their drink options were a little limited. The food was prepared fresh so it took a while longer. We almost wished we had just found some little stand to eat at, it would have been faster and cheaper. Nonetheless the food was delicious. 

Tip- use card wherever you can and tell them you want to charge in Pesos (it is cheaper that way)

one fish taco and two carne asada

all carne asada


This restaurant is located in San Jose del los Cabos, near our hotel. It is probably a mile away from our hotel. To get there we took the bus, we weren’t sure where it was. The bus was an interesting experience to say the least, it was just very different from buses at home.  

Everything we had was delicious and the service was amazing. Our waiter really looked after us and made sure we were satisfied. He even played some magic tricks with us at the end of our meal. All the food was amazing and I definitely recommend.

Guacamole and Chips

Salsa Selections

Jalapeno Margarita



Steak & Shrimp Fajitas


Walking back to our hotel we passed this plaza. They had a lot of different restaurants and shops as well. It was really nice and another place to grab food as well. This was our last night in Cabo and we felt very relaxed. Earlier in the day we got a facial at our hotel spa and spent the day relaxing. This trip was a lot of fun and we would all definitely go back. 

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