These are just some cool things I have come across that I think would be pretty cool to give your loved ones! This year I decided to stick to a budget list! You can obviously get them one big gift they have been dying to get themselves but just haven’t yet. This list is more to help find little things you can pull together with some of their cheaper favorites, whether that is candies, flowers, a sentimental card or their favorite chapsticks.

Who knows, maybe you are buying yourself all these nice things and I don’t blame ya 🤪You gotta treat yourself every once in a while!

For Her:








$25 Clutch Purse


$14 Rose Quartz Roller




Gift cards $25

Silk Pillow Case $23

For Him:












An Experience Together:

Have a Netflix and chill night!


Popcorn + Your fave Ice Cream flavors !! Add in a Postmates meal and that’s a fun night in

Cook or bake something together! I have a blog post going up on how to make heart shaped pancakes 💗I will link them once they go up.




Do a spa night together. A warm bath, chocolate covered strawberries, wine, some face masks, you name it! It can be easy to do a relaxing night on a budget. Target or Ulta will have plenty of options but I left some below so you can shop them right away!






Little Love Notes

cute jar to save money in for adventures together

Make them their favorite dish and surprise them!



$9.99 cards




I hope this list helped you guys at the least brainstorm some really fun ideas! Just remember your gift doesn’t have to be big or expensive but just something that will make the other person feel loved! That’s why my favorite gifts are gifts that include experiences. Anyways, Happy Valentine’s y’all! 💗Let’s catch the wave 🌊

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