I see this “DIY Hack” everywhere! In eighth grade I actually used the Crest Whitestrips and they worked amazing for me. I only used about 4 over a few months. My teeth were super white for the next 4 or 5 years (note that I don’t drink soda, wine or coffee). People literally were always saying “your teeth are SO white” and that was really nice. Now, they are sort of beginning to be less bright. My boyfriend, Zack, tried the strips but his teeth felt really sensitive afterwards so he hated it. Now I am looking into a more natural remedy. Can charcoal really work to whiten your teeth? Not having to pay the dentist to whiten your teeth? Not buying $30 whitening strips that make your teeth sensitive? It SEEMS cheap, simple and effective but we will see.

The capsules. My friend Katie bought the bottle of them and let me have a few to try it out. 

So for one person you need one capsule. You dump the capsule out, preferably on a flat surface (it makes it easier to pick up).

Next, wet your toothbrush.

You swirl your toothbrush around in the charcoal until it’s fully covered. As you can see I used a bowl and it was a little difficult to pick up the powder, so a flat surface is much easier. You want brush in circular motions all around your teeth for 2 minutes. 

Before I get into results…. this seriously make a mess. My toothbrush stayed a little gray, the countertop was covered in black dots, and the powder spreads everywhere. Just be careful, maybe lay an old towel under your “station” and brush slowly and covering your mouth. Once you’re done brushing, rinse your mouth until the water runs clear. We were ready for bed after the first trial so we went ahead and brushed with toothpaste. No pain or anything so I don’t think it is bad to brush after. Just be gentle and honestly ask a dentist, what do I know lol.

This is the before and after of the first try for me. I won’t lie they look significantly whiter in these photos. In real life, I did not see this dramatic of a change.  That being said it looks like it had an effect on my teeth. 

Zack’s before and after photos are not as different as mine were, we can chalk that up to lighting changes in my photos. His teeth look a little whiter in the centers.

After this round we were generally disappointed. We waited about a week and decided to go in for a round 2. Our teeth do look whiter compared to my before photo from round one. So that is a good start, now let’s get into the proof.

So in these photos my teeth really don’t look all that different. Maybe a little whiter.. but nothing drastic.

As for Zack, his teeth look a lot whiter in the second round. This could be from leftover food staining his teeth but I don’t know that it would be that drastic. 

Overall we both agreed this DIY treatment had some effects on our teeth. In person the changes were a little tougher to see but with before and after photos it was easier to see the difference. Neither of us had sensitivity afterwards or any bad side effects (other than leftover charcoal stuck between our teeth). We would say this was not a quick fix if you’re looking for dramatically different teeth. Over time, this could work as a DIY whitener. It is a bit messy and takes a bit of work. It comes down to your teeth and what you’re comfortable with. Personally, I wouldn’t run out and by this in a pinch. I would most likely bite the bullet and get whitening strips because I know they work for me. Everyone is different and is looking for different results. to maintain a white smile for cheap I don’t see why this would be a bad idea. It is definitely a great alternative for whitening strips just a little messier. If you have tried this DIY comment down below how it worked for you!

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