The Clarisonic… people either hate it or they love it. I am one of those people who love it! My skin type is Combination and I have the Mia 2. I really wanted to take better care of my skin and stumbled upon the Clarisonic in many Youtube reviews. I saw how incredibly expensive they were and figured I would really have to save up or wait for a sale. For a few months I did research on the different Clarisonic models and which would be best for me. I then researched some “knock off” versions of the Clarisonic. The knock offs were cheaper but I decided I preferred the Clarisonic options. For months I looked for sales and special bundles and even Groupon specials. I realized the best deal I would find is a bundle deal online at Ulta. I got the Mia 2, 2 brush heads and a cleanser for $135, it was the Radiance Kit. (I looked into it and they no longer have this set). By then I had saved enough and was beyond excited to buy. I have had my Mia for almost 2 years now, so my opinion is pretty rock solid by now. I am going to list all the reasons I think you should love it too. 

1. The Prices Have Gone Down as Newer Models Release

Price is always the number one concern and for good reason. When spending hard-earned cash you want to make sure your investing in something worthwhile. Luckily the price of the Mia 2 has gone down and bundle deals have gone up! The newer models made them “less desirable” but let’s get real if you’re a simple gal or guy it really doesn’t need all the fix ins. The Mia 2 has just two speeds and no fuss. You can interchange majority of the brush heads with the Mia 2. The only exceptions are the body brushes, which if that is something you want, definitely go for the upgraded model. 

2. Deep Cleans

I really couldn’t imagine life without my Clarisonic. I seriously feel like it deep cleans my skin and makes it cleaner than my hands ever would. I know some people don’t love it and prefer the Foreo Luna because it is more sensitive. Personally, I feel like the Clarisonic gives a thorough cleaning and does not irritate my skin. Everyone is different though.

3. Easy to Use

All there is to it is wetting the brush, wetting your face, putting cleanser on the brush and following the timed intervals. If you want a faster or slower speed you just push the top button. 

4. Options for Every Skin Type and Skin Day

All the different brush heads allow for people with different skin concerns to use it. I personally go through different skin concerns throughout the year. I interchange my brush head depending on my skin. I love that it is so customizable. 

5. You Can Buy Cheaper Brush Heads on Amazon

Buying brush heads can feel like just another thing you have to do “every 3 months”. Instead of paying $30 for one brush head pay $20 for a pack of 12. When I bought my Clarisonic I got two brush heads so it lasted me half a year. When those got a little old, I went to Amazon and they have a lot of options for cheap. Since I bought so many brush heads I won’t be running out for a very long time. Even though you do have to buy more brush heads (which feels like an inconvenience), the investment is worth it 100%. Also the brush heads off Amazon feel very similar if not the same to Clarisonic. 

6. 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

So even if you decide to try it and you dislike it you can return it back to Clarisonic. Having that cushion makes it much more comfortable to try it and see if you like it. Test the waters. 

With all this being said, it still a big decision to make and very personal. Everyone is different and sometimes things just don’t work for everyone. There are of course limitations and extra things you have to do with the Clarisonic. You have to charge it, clean it, replace brush heads, use liquid cleansers only blah blah blah. I mean really if you already do those things it is really not a big deal.

Also, you don’t have to use it every time you wash your face. Your schedule is up to you, you can cleanse once a week or twice a day. Considering how many people love how cleansed their skin feels, I feel it is worth a shot. Keep reading reviews and getting opinions from others with other skin types. I feel all the investments are worth clean and healthy skin. Give it a try and comment down below if you love or hate your Clarisonic! Thank you so much for reading and let the birthday posts continue!

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