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I can’t believe I am sitting in the middle of my final week as an undergrad.

Funny thing I used to never understand what the difference was between undergrad and graduate. I was like they both graduate I’m confused HAHA. Thank god I have learned since then… I think anyways lol

Still, it is crazy to think back to my freshman year and all the new feelings I had about this change. I was now commuting (which forced me to drive freeways every day all alone), meeting TONS of new people and making a new routine I called my own.

I remember the pressure of the changes you go through in high school. What AP classes are you going to take? Why don’t you join a sport (that didn’t last long and was an awful idea for me… still a little guilty about that lol)? What college do you want to attend? What do you want to be when you grow up? Will you stay friends with everyone from HS? Like DANG I was barely 17.

The pressure is basically the same when graduating from college. Society is ready to push us out the door and move us onto “the next steps”. These pressures consist more of “How will you make a living?” “What will you do with your degree?”. Then once you figure out the answer to those questions there is just more pressure around the corner. How will you grow to be bigger and better? when are you going to start family AND SO ON. I think we can all relate to these questions. As no one has the same path, I think sometimes these pressures push us to figure out what we want for our lives.

Long story short, I am excited for this next chapter of my life. Life won’t stop for me, so I will make the most of each milestone and moment I get. I hope you get the chance to do the same.

Next Friday I will officially have earned a college degree. Pat on the back for that. This weekend is my joint grad party with Zack and as promised, a blog post about every detail will go up next week.

I love you all! What’s your thoughts on a college degree? 🌊


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