WOOO the first week of December, A.K.A Christmas for the next month! One of the best times of year in my opinion. I mean I love all the seasons equally but ya know once you’re totally in the holiday season, you’re IN. 

We take down boxes and boxes of decorations every year and set them all out in one day (typically) lol

Every year we change it up and almost every year we end up buying more decor 🤫

So for inside the house we did a lot of red and white and lots of greenery too. My mom always wanted garland going down our staircase, so that pretty much a staple every year. 

We use TONS of cute little accents around the house. We like using cute dish towels, soap dispensers, placemats, candles, rugs and pillows. 

So for our tree we did red, white, and silver. We did that with both lights AND the ornaments. 

My mom wrapped some gifts under the tree already and made them super cute. Peep that super cute dinosaur paper, are you kidding?! 

Also that gift is for my nephew not me.. but I wouldn’t mind that super cute paper.

Now for the outside of the house! We kept it pretty much in that same color scheme of red, white, and silver. 

We put this cute little sled out with a snow blanket under. 

This is our front door. We kept it pretty simple. This year we took the base of our greenery out and just added the garlands we normally use. We then added red berries, lights and some sticks of “snowball” like stuff. 

In our hanging planter we put some pinecones in first. Then, we trimmed some longer pieces of our tree and added those. 

Typically we always have multicolored lights on the outside of our house. I’m not really sure why but we just always have and probably always will. We had some other lights and decor in the front and backyard. 

I can’t wait to decorate my own space one day and share that here too! That’s another story for another day haha. Hope your holiday season is also filled with joy! Share your favorite decor styles, inspo boards on Pinterest, share it all! 


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