What’s a better way to relax than with a nice hot bath and a bath bomb you made yourself. Lush is very well known for their bath bombs but when money is low or you just feel like making your own custom bath bomb it really is simple! It is just a matter of gathering the right ingredients and throwing it together. Speaking of ingredients:

-1 cup of Baking Soda

-1/2 cup of Corn Starch

-1/2 cup of Citric Acid * found it at Walmart next to Mason jars

-3 tablespoons of Epsom Salt

-2 teaspoons of melted Coconut Oil

-7 to10 drops of Essential Oils of your choice; for scent

Food Coloring


Water for texture (I’ll explain later)

Mix all the dry ingredients to start then add in the coconut oil. 

Once these are mixed you can split your batch into different bowls depending on what scents you want to use and what colors. 

*For me, the epsom salt had a scent of coconut so I could leave some without essential oil drops.

For example, I split this batch into 3 colors but one scent all across. I added the orange essential oil and made one bowl blue, the other green and one yellow.

Once you have added the oils and colors you want to add some water to mix more thoroughly. Only add water until the mixture can form and stick together. It should be similar to a “moonsand” texture if anyone remembers that haha. Adding too much water will lead to a failed bath bomb.

Chose the desired molds and get creative! You can add flowers, glitter, little surprises inside, really just about anything! Before adding the mixtures you want make sure you spray the molds with some sort of oil spray to make it an easy release.

If trying to make them stick together and they expand a bit much, it is because there is too much moisture but you can still try to get them to stick by rubber band the molds together, if not you get two separate bath bombs and thats still great! I recommend getting molds that will clasp together to make this process easier. 

Let them sit overnight and voila… Bath Bombs Complete.

Now it is time to test it out and throw it into water!

This was the starfish and it made a really beautiful blue bathwater and it smelled AMAZING!

This is definitely a recipe to run home and try! It is really really easy and has beautiful results! The recipe can be a bit finicky when trying to add the right about of water but with practice you become a pro. I did two batches and learned a lot from both.

This one had trouble getting out of the mold because 1. too much water and 2. not enough non-stick spray

So just do your best! Try a batch and see how it goes! Even if it doesn’t come out pretty and perfect you can absolutely use them. Comment down below if you try this recipe and let me know how yours come out!

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