If you have not read my initial post on my DIY Front Door Decor for the Holidays click here. The other blog post gets into detail on the base of the decoration and how to achieve it. This post is more about what I did to my front door for Christmas specifically. I pretty much used things i already had. The only thing I purchased was the extra little garland and battery-powered lights. I definitely could have made it work with stuff i already had.  So let’s get into the post! 

This is the base of the decor with all the fall decor taken down. I ended up moving it all around a little so it was all even. 

Next, I added in two pine cone garlands, also from Michael’s. There were a million different options of garland but we went simple and cheapest. I also hung them a bit different in the end compared to this picture. In this picture, the garland is a little hidden so I made it a little more exposed. Then I added the two signs and hung them on the command hooks. I also added a little reindeer on the welcome sign, which I also included in the previous blog post. 

I added some battery-powered Christmas lights to the welcome sign. Then to the entire garland decor, I added plug-in lights that are red white and clear. 

To finish it off, I added a sign in the center and some decoration on the floor. We already had the rest of the floor decorations. The wagon is actually a project my dad did, he refurbished an old one. 

The finished project altogether! 

I am so so happy to have the Christmas decorations up! When the decor is up it actually feels like Christmas, cause in SoCal it doesn’t really get to that point with the weather alone. Another idea I had would be to take the “Welcome” sign and use the reverse side to spell out Happy Holidays or something along those lines. Maybe next year! This year flew by so fast, it is crazy how time moves. It will be nice to reflect on the year and remember the good times and the times that taught me a lot about myself. I started my blog this year and it was the best decision I made. I love pouring my passion and creativity into something. Thank you all so so much for catching the wave every week and supporting me on this journey. Don’t forget to subscribe down below and never miss a chance to catch the wave! 

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