So as always, you want to start off with your greenery base laid. If you are new to this series and have no idea what  I am talking about check out my very first post which details the basics about the greenery.

Once your greenery is situated where you like it, add anything that reminds you of spring and that is pretty much the basis for any of these front door decor tutorials. Luckily we already had this springy stuff from last year when we made a wagon for my niece and nephew.  If you are looking for a unique “basket” gift to give to kids in your life this Easter, check out this post. Warning: this post was from a year ago and my blog posts probably look absurdly different as it was only one of my first five posts😂

So we had yellow floral garland and a couple of sparkly eggs on sticks for floral arrangements. We purchased all of this at Michael’s, as per usual. I’m telling you my mom and I should be sponsored by Michael’s, I go there so much😂

For our welcome sign, we added some battery powered lights and little carrots. If you want to see how we made our sign, I made a blog post here. Our front door is still a work in progress but it has come A LONG way. 

If you love these little boxes we also made these ourselves. I am posting a blog all about it here. 

Hopefully, this brought you a little more inspiration for what to do with your front door. I would always forget that you can get creative in the front of your house, besides doing flowers and grass haha. If you enjoyed this post please leave a comment below and let me know! If you aren’t subscribed to my blog yet be sure you do before leaving! Just scroll down and enter your name and email to never miss out! I post weekly and love getting recommendations from my subscribers. If you love other social media, be sure to follow me there as well.😊

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