I don’t know about you guys but my family and I love the holidays. Every holiday the decorations must come out and must be everywhere, tastefully of course haha. Our house remodel has made some serious progress so I thought it was time to figure out what to do to make our front door look amazing. I also really wanted to be reminded of the season among us every time I came home. 

So this is the security blind hanging up above our front door.  Not the best look right above our new doors. We also have this in the front windows of our house… haven’t updated those yet, they are MUCH longer haha. 

I got to thinking and I wanted something I could change seasonally. So we had to start off with a base that would match any season. Then as seasons came and went we could update and change the decorations. We went to Michale’s Crafts and found these two garlands with basic green leaves. They were about $18 originally but using coupons we were able to get both for half off. ALWAYS use coupons people! Michales always has really amazing coupons.  This is only two but we ended up buying another one once we saw we had some empty spaces. I’ll get into that later. 

This is the specific garland we bought but you can pick any you like and that will fill up the space you are trying to cover.

Since fall in the first season that we will be putting this up for, we found some cute fall garland. 

We got two of these and of course, we got these on sale. Michales not only has coupons constantly, they have sales on holiday decor, so keep an eye out.  If you love saving money like I do, I recommend Ebates. I admit, when I first heard about it I was a little unsure about how good it really was. it sounded too good to be true but it is honestly really sweet. It saves you money by pointing out coupons online when shopping. Hundreds if not thousands of stores are on Ebates and offer great additional cashback deals. If you are interested check it out here Ebates. You should receive $10 credit just for signing up and spending $25 or more! 

So, to hang all these we are going to need Command hooks. They carry some weight and stick outdoors, perfect. 

To start, we hung three on each side in this pattern. This pattern allowed them to look loose and tousled.  

We hung the green ivy (the two we originally bought), all still attached the single pole, we got them up. To get pieces to stick closer we added more hooks to tuck those pieces in. 

Next, we set up the fall garland. Basically just stuck them in all the way across. 

Then we added some lightweight pumpkins. We got two or three from Michales and one from Target in the dollar section. We hung these by attaching a wire to the stems and hanging them on a Command hook.

After this, we felt it needed to be fuller and cover more of the security blinds. We went back to Michaels and bought one more ivy garland. This garland we cut the 4 long pieces off and 6 short pieces. With those, we added them to the bare areas. 

This is the completed look. We found the sign at Target but you could totally DIY something or use something you already have. 

Up next, the welcome sign at the front door. My mom and I have seen tons of Pinterest photos with a vertical welcome sign. We wanted to step it up a notch and make it multi-purpose.  My mom bought 5 FOOT plank board from Home Depot and banged it up a little with a hammer. Then my dad stained it with an Expresso stain we already had. We let that dry overnight. 

My dad measured the board and said we could use letters as big as 6 inches. We found these at Michaels (surprise) but they have a ton of options. We used velcro my dad already has. I cut one-inch squares of velcro for each letter. 

I stuck the fuzzy part of the velcro to the letter and the tougher side to the board itself. I tried sticking the letters on the board in a way that made it so letters in the future would be able to stick in the same spot. On the flipside, you can put Happy Holidays or another quote.

So we haven’t got the whole look of our front door totally complete but it is one step closer. We have gotten the new tile, new doors, new paint and now new decorations. We are working on it slowly but surely.

We love making things multi-purpose, especially a DIY project. Being able to keep a sign out all year is ideal. No one wants to move a bunch of decorations around constantly but changing it up is really nice too. This project was under $50 for sure but it will depend on the size of your entry, of course. I will be sure to add updates to the different designs we do with the garland as the seasons change. Thank you guys so much for catching the wave this week! Be sure to subscribe to my blog down below so you never miss a post. Next weeks post will be all about Thanksgiving! Can’t wait.


  • 3 Green Leaf Garlands

  • 1 Container of Command Hooks

  • Your Seasonal Decorations- Pumpkins (wire to hang), Fall Leaves, Signs, Candy Canes, Pinecones etc. 

Welcome Sign:

  • Plank Wood

  • Letters

  • Velcro/ Magnets

  • Wood Stain

Disclaimer: My Ebates code is an affiliate link. When I refer a person and they sign up I receive a commission. The person who signs up and spends $25 or more should also receive $10 credit in their Ebates account. Check Ebates Refer & Earn section on their site for more information.

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