Welcome back to my DIY Front Door Decor series! So far I have posted a Thanksgiving/Fall and Christmas edition. This month I have Valentine’s Day Decor going up! if you missed any of the past one’s pause right here, open this link in another tab and get back to it in a second. For now, keep on reading and get inspired by what my family and I did for this month!

Of course, you first start off with just the plain leaves. We did not document every single step this time around cause it was pretty self-explanatory. We added lights, tulle, little signs, and hearts, in that order😄

We got the red lights from Target and the rest of the decor from Michaels. We first added the lights and tulle and then the rest of the decor. 

You don’t have to do red, you could even do white and that would bring an amazing pop of brightness.

We hung the little hearts on the lights and they have stayed put.

Our little signs and some extra hearts went onto our handmade welcome sign. (Which btw we totally know we still need something else going on behind this sign and on the floor but bear with us lol)

The whole thing lit up at night. I also would have loved white lights with the red tulle or white tulle with the red lights. It is totally up to you and you can build off these ideas! I love sharing our ideas and keeping them growing. Please feel free to comment down below any ideas you have! Maybe someone has different entrances and doors and need something a little different. Share your creativity and what you did to your doors/ house/apartment! Thanks for catching the wave! This week is jam-packed with posts and ideas for Valentine’s Day💓🌊

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