So, I never really learned how to use a sewing machine. I was in girls scouts for a while as a young girl and they taught us something but not much. Now as a 20-year old I feel I should at least know how to use one, just in case. It was a nice bonding experience with my mom to have her teach me something (for once.. jk mom you teach me all the time ) We really kicked this idea off because we were given a sewing machine that someone no longer wanted. With a big clunker taking up space, might as well use it right? 

You are going to need to go out and get a few things before you can start this project!

You need:

  1. 2 bags of poly-fil (12 oz)

  2. a fabric of your choice (2/3 yard to make two medium-sized pillows)

  3. another fabric of your choice (2/3 yard to make two medium-sized pillows)

  4. thread

  5. pattern or stencil/ & pen/marker

  6. sewing machine (bobbin, scissors)

this is to make 3 small heart pillows, one large heart pillow, and a long rectangular pillow. (pictures below)

heart pillow

I went to Jo-Anns to get all my materials, they always have amazing sales and coupons. I just downloaded the app to find them quicker and easier. I bought one bag on sale for $5, so $10 total.

I chose this sheet-like material for my long rectangular pillow. For 2/3 yard it cost under $10.

I got my inspiration from an UrbanOutfitters pillow that was corduroy. I couldn’t find any corduroy so I went with a super soft velvet. 2/3 yard of this was under $10 as well.

I didn’t want to freehand my heart pillows so I grabbed a heart shaped plate we have.

One: So to start you want your fabric folded in half and inside out. So when you trace your heart shape, you have both sides cut at once.

Two: Trace your design. It is inside out so the pen markings used to trace are on the inside of your pillow.

Three: Cut your design out. Having a nice pair of fabric scissors is ideal for your sanity but not required. We made these with regular dull scissors and it took a while. 

Keeping it inside out, make sure the edges are lined up as best as possible. 

Four: You need to thread your sewing machine and bobbin. It is way more complex than I ever knew so I probably wouldn’t be the best to describe exactly how to do it. Instead, youtube it and you’ll have much better luck. It does get easier after doing it once or twice though! 

Five: You basically want to sew about a 1/2- 1 inch away from the edge of the fabric. Ideally, as close as possible but you want the seam to stay. 

Six: You are going to want to sew all the way around the heart until you have a few inches left. You need to keep this open to fill.

Seven: You flip the fabric inside out (so it is now facing the correct way).  You want to fill it with the poly-fil as much as you possibly can. 

Boom! Heart complete💗

Eight: The last little edge you need to hand sew together OR you can use the machine but that part will have a different seam. So the smaller you keep the hole the more discreet it will be. 

rectangular pillow 

I used this next fabric for the rectangular pillow.

One: Again, you want to start with the fabric inside out and folded in half.

Two: Cut your fabric the size you want your pillow. 

Three: Next, you want to sew a folded seam around the entire fabric. I did this because the fabric was stringy and could potentially rip apart.

So, to ensure the fabric stayed put I made a seam all the way around the pillow. I also knew I wanted the pillow to have a nice edge of the fabric (you’ll see). 

Making as small as a seam as possible, I went all the way around the fabric. I unfolded the fabric and sewed all four sides shut all the way around. I don’t think this step is absolutely necessary but I did it for safe measure. You want to sew the inside of the fabric so the seam is on the underside of the fabric.

Four: Keeping the fabric inside out, fold it back in half and sew all the way around the edges. Again leaving a small hole to fill the pillow. 

Five: You turn it right side out again and you have a nice rectangle pillow. You can totally stop at this step but I wanted an extra detail on the pillow. 

Six: With the pillow still right side out, I sewed about an inch from the edge. I sewed a seam all the way around the pillow but again leaving a small hole to fill. 

Seven: Then you fill the pillow and finish the seams on the machine or hand sewn. 

We definitely could have filled it more but we were running out of our poly-fil. If you want SUPER plump pillows I recommend buying another bag of poly-fil or making fewer pillows.

In the end, I would say pillows are still crazy expensive in stores but making it yourself costs just about as much. I got coupons and deals but still ended up spending about $35 to make as many pillows as I did. I will say it was fun and a really cute gift to give to loved ones. My boyfriend loved the little heart so much I ended up giving it to him. Be sure to subscribe to my blog so you receive my email updates! They notify you about the posts that posted, went up the week prior and what my social media is up to! I worked really hard to update them and make them nicer so I would love for people to get to see that hard work☺ Let’s catch the wave🌊 

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