My mom and I were inspired to make these specific boxes because we saw something similar at Home Goods but for $80. We had already known we wanted something to put in front of the door to add depth and design. At HomeGoods, we saw large white boxes filled with just hydrangeas. Since I do have some floral background, thanks to my grandpa, we decided we could make it on our own for cheaper. In the same exact HomeGoods, we found 2 wooden boxes on sale for $20. I won’t lie, making these boxes wasn’t SUPER cheap but it gave us control to do what we wanted and it still came out to be cheaper. It all depends what you decide to buy and if things are on sale. Silk flowers can be expensive but luckily Michales ALWAYS has a sale. Regardless, finding a deal is possible and overall its pretty easy to achieve! 

Silk Flower Boxes 

Wooden crates/ some sort of box 

cardboard(for support)


green foam for flowers

silk flowers

wire cutters

So we made two because we have a big enough entryway to make two. Like I said, we found these on sale for $20 and they were 14.5 inches wide all around and 13 inches tall. 

So originally we thought we could buy styrofoam and fill the box but little did we know how expensive styrofoam is. We thought of several other options but resolved to use cardboard. If you have a box that perfectly fits in your crate that would be ideal but if not don’t worry, neither did we.  For extra structure. we put a cardboard can holder in the center with sturdy cardboard inside. This allowed for structure in the center of the box. 

Then we found the most sturdy box we had and cut it in half. 

Next, you need the green floral foam. This will make sure the flowers stay in place.

I placed that in the center of the box. You could glue it down if you wanted extra hold but we left it and it has stayed fine so far. All that is left is to add flowers to the box. Starting off is a little tricky but once you fill space the big picture starts forming. We starting by sticking hydrangeas out the sides and adding the hanging greenery. We did end up cutting a lot of the flowers shorter or apart. 

Like I said, the type of flowers and how many you get is totally up to you. We wanted something universal that could stay out year round. 

In the end, for one box, we used 4 hydrangeas, one garland of hanging greenery, one and a half of a large bouquet of roses and greenery.  So we saved about $20 making it ourselves but its possible to save even more.

I hope you guys were inspired by this post! If you try it out tag me in photos on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. I would love to see how they came out! Also, leave any other tips or tricks you might have below in the comments! 

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