These popsicles are so easy to make and perfect for the hot summer days. All you need is yogurt and the fruit of your choice. if you want to get fancy you can add honey to sweeten things up or you can even choose a flavored yogurt. The best thing about these popsicles is they aren’t going to be artificially flavored or too sweet, you know exactly what is going in them. They are creamy and delicious! Let’s get started.

3 Ingredients: Greek Vanilla Yogurt, Strawberries and Blueberries.

To start, you need to mash the strawberries. To avoid cleaning a puree machine or blender, I just mashed them up in a bag. Next, I mashed the blueberries in a separate bag.

In a bowl, take the yogurt and add it into the yogurt.

Be sure not to mix the berries in too much. Mixing it lightly will keep the marbled affect. Again, I did the same with the mashed blueberries and yogurt.

Grab your popsicle molds and layer the two mixtures however you want. In some I added a lot of strawberry and a bit of blueberry at the top. In others I added an even amount of blueberry then strawberry and then blueberry again. In another one I made a ring of sliced strawberries around the top of the mold. It is really up to you how you decide to layer them.

Put them in the freezer for a couple hours. I let mine set overnight but you just need enough time for them to freeze.

When removing the popsicles from the mold, run the mold under warm water to make it easier to release the popsicle. Now just enjoy the popsicles in all there patriotic glory!

These are the perfect popsicles for Fourth of July. Patriotic Popsicles 🙂 Comment down below if you try the recipe or have any suggestions! Thank you so much and don’t forget to subscribe via email to never miss a post.

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Patriotic Popsicles

Prep Time 5 minutes

Total Time 5 minutes

Servings 6 popsicles


  • 2 cups Greek Yogurt *if you add honey it will make it sweeter

  • 1 cup Fresh Strawberries

  • 1 cup Fresh Blueberries

  • Popsicle Molds


  1. Mash strawberries in a Ziploc bag or blender.

  2. Mix the strawberry puree into one cup of yogurt. Don't over mix, you want to get the marbled look.

  3. Next, mash the blueberries in a Ziploc bag or blender.

  4. Mix the blueberry puree into the other cup of yogurt.

  5. Grab the popsicle molds and layer the two yogurts however you wish. You can even add sliced berries along the sides of the molds.

  6. Set in the freezer for a couple hours or until frozen. It shouldn't take more than 2 hours. I let mine sit overnight just to be sure and that way I didn't have to make them the day of.

  7. Run the mold under hot water to make it easier to pull out then ENJOY!

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