Skin care used to be the least of my worries. I barely even thought about cleansers or moisturizer. As I got into wearing makeup I liked the idea of taking care of my skin and making sure it was clean. I decided to at least invest is some drugstore options, simple cleansers from Clean & Clear and Neutrogena. When my skin started fluctuating more with the seasons I started taking more notice. Out of high school I started looking more into my options and what I really needed. Now I am 20 and realizing it is time to get serious about it. My skin is now Normal Combination Skin. I had to research what everything did and if I really needed it. It can be so complicated and what does someone really even need? I think some products are just a bunch of bologna put out just for brands to make money, gimmicks. I had figure out eye creams, moisturizer, cleansers, exfoliators, toners, face masks and hydrating sprays. All those different products with different purposes for different skin concerns. Breaking down your personal skin is what takes the most time, in my opinion. Dissecting what your skin needs and what it likes is the difficult part. Testing products that fit those criteria is actually the easy part. What I find my skin needs : Hydration, Exfoliation, Deep Cleansing and Spot Treatments.

I will start with my morning routine. *keep in mind this is my routine on a perfect day, sometimes I get lazy 🙁 

The first thing I do when I wake up, skin care wise, is cleanse my face with the Clarisonic and my cleanser, Origins Checks and Balances

I typically just use the Normal or Deep Cleansing brush head. Check out my Clarisonic review to see where I get my brush heads. I will take a pea size amount, enough to fill the center of the brush head. 

Next, I pat dry my face and moisturize. My current moisturizer is Belif The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb. 

I recently tested a few moisturizers and narrowed it down to this one. It provides moisture, smooth skin and keeps my skin normal. It is a nice cross between gel and cream, it sets into the face quickly. A good drugstore option I used was the Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturizer. I was using it for a year or two and it was hydrating, went under make-up well, but didn’t feel luxurious. So since I was stepping up my skin care game I decided to treat my skin, but this one is nice too. 

In terms of morning time, that’s really all I will do. For night-time, I spend a little more time treating my skin. The first thing I do when I get home is take off my make-up. I like to take my make-up off as soon as possible to let my skin breathe. I also, don’t wear makeup everyday, which is another good tip. To take my make-up off I use the Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes.

Next, I use my Origins cleanser again. I find this cleanser leaves my face feeling squeaky clean and takes off all traces of makeup. If I am not wearing make-up that day I will use my drugstore option, Biore Baking Soda Pore Cleanser. Another good option but once I run out of it, I am going to stick to my Origins.

Pat my face dry again and use Ponds Moisturizer. You have to be super careful with this moisturizer. If you use too much, your face gets greasy but on the bright side you only need a tiny amount. Also, I have the larger size and it sucks to travel with. It melts, it leaks, and it moves around a lot in the packaging, just saying. If you have an awesome night time moisturizer please let me know!

Every few days I try to exfoliate my skin. I really enjoy the Vasanti Exfoliator. Unfortunately, all I have is a sample size and I really want to purchase the full size. If I don’t use this exfoliator I use a Clean & Clear Exfoliating Scrub. Again, nothing amazing but it gets the job done. I do also really like the St. Ives Green Tea Scrub. This scrub is really gentle but exfoliates really well.

From time to time I use a toner. My skin really doesn’t need a toner so I use it sparingly. I will use it when I want to get a quick wipe and cleanse. It can really dry my skin out so I really don’t use it. If I were to vouch for one it would probably be a Simple Micellar Water but I don’t have that on hand. The only one I have is an Up & Up version of the Clean & Clear Toner. 

Spot Treatments

If I have a breakout coming I like to use and Up & Up version of the Clean & Clear Spot Treatment. I also use Tea Tree Oil (found on Amazon) but with Tea Tree Oil you have to be super careful because it can really dry your skin out and irritate it. I have also used the Mario Badescu spot treatment but I spilled it and gave up, but it did work! Of course if all else fails or if I don’t have these, I will use toothpaste. 

For a few months I used Castor Oil in my eyelashes and eyebrows to increase hair growth and it really worked. I then accidentally shaved my eyebrow off (long story) and this helped speed up growth. I would just use a plastic reusable mascara wand to apply it every nightAlso, if I have a breakout I picked at I use Neosporin on it and it heals overnight. 


My all time favorite mask is the Indian Clay Mask. I get mine from Amazon. I find best results using it with apple cider vinegar (I know it smells strong). Keep in mind, this mask is really drying and may be too much for sensitive skin. I love it because it gets everything out, your pores are so clean afterwards. 

I also use a Shea Moisture Sensitive Skin Mud Mask. It is really calming and smoothing. It smells nice and feels nice!

Other than that, my mom and I will just pick up random little masks from Target and try them out. I can’t really say which are must haves but they are all pretty nice. 

From time to time, when my skin needs a refresher or feels a little dry I will use the Mario Badescu Facial Spray.

So remember this would be my ideal skin care day. Sometimes I skim over steps but most nights I take thorough care of my skin. It is super important to take care of your skin. Number one rule is don’t sleep with makeup! Don’t let it happen, you will wake up with pimples the next day. No one wants that! So just be smart, drink water and treat your skin the way it needs. If you aren’t sure if something will work for you, the best thing to do is ask for samples! If anyone has suggestions for amazing under eye creams I am all ears! I am on the hunt for a hydrating eye cream that magically erases wrinkles (probably not that last part but hey if you have a suggestion lol).  Thanks for reading and catching the wave this week! Comment down below any questions, ideas or products you like! Subscribe down below to never miss a post!

A few other products I like:

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel

Dr. Jart Water Drop Moisturizer

Sol de Janiero Bum Bum Cream (the smell omg)

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Rosé

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