I have a new wishlist just in time for fall! Summer is officially over, at least on the calendar. If you live in a place like California, the change of seasons isn’t too major. I tried to make a nice transitional fashion wishlist so that you can feel that cozy fall feeling without sweating your life away.

As always this is just an idea of some clothes (and at the end outfits) you can totally find some budget-friendly versions of any of these pieces. My personal favorite places to find budget-friendly trendy pieces is Marshalls, TJMaxx and Forever 21.

Nonetheless, if you love anything I list, click the photo and you will be redirected to Lulu’s to buy it.

Let’s get into it!



When it gets cold out, you gotta add something army green to your wardrobe, am I right? You can dress it up or dress it down and even add layers on a chillier day.


I saw this top and thought that it was really cute. I have never really seen a bodysuit like this before (maybe I need to shop more idk) and thought it was especially cute for those who experience “warmer” fall weather. Again, another piece to dress up or down. I think this would be super cute for a casual date night.


Thin straps are in and we gotta carry it into fall. This paired with layered necklaces and a hair scarf, perf. Also, pumpkin-colored top = fall.


This top is definitely something you can rock no matter the season. I love the buttons bringing in that warm vibe.


This is another basic staple. This particular top is definitely a thicker material that makes it perfect for fall. I really love it for the color and cut.


Deep burgundy colors also remind me of fall. Basically all the colors that leaves turn in fall.


I have always wanted a slouchy comfy off the shoulder sweater. This one looks super comfy and obviously super cute.


I always thought sweater dresses were a fun idea. This one looks really soft and it seems to be long enough to wear on a casual day out.



You just need a good pair of jeans no matter the season. We can get away with jeans that have holes in Cali pretty much year-round.


I really couldn’t justify spending $91 on a skirt, personally. I am just not in the spot to be doing that but if I could I would. I love the vibes and style of this skirt so much. It has that soft silky vibe of summer but the deep burnt orange color for fall.

If you have $91 to spend on this skirt then you do you all the way, this is thee skirt to spend it on. Post pics, so we can live through you.


This belt gives me fall, farmer girl vibes. Obsessed with the hot chocolate-y color.



Okay, my jaw literally dropped when I saw this blazer. If you frequent professional meetings or just like this style this is an absolute must. For $68 that’s a steal honestly. I really want this one 👀


This coat is for a place with cooler weather. You could still rock this is Cali on a cold rainy day or a cool night out. Plus, we Cali folks are babies about the cold and we think 70 degrees is freezing anyways.


This coat is really cute for warmer weather like in Cali. Adds that extra layer for wind protection and warmth without being a huge heavy layer.


I couldn’t resist a fluffy teddy coat. They are just so cozy.



This bag is the perfect everyday crossbody. It is a perfect size and color.


I think this bag would be perfect for nearly every season of the year. I could see it in summer, spring or fall.


I saw this bag and immediately thought of the Chloè purses. Chloè is a designer brand who has several different lines of products and their purses look very similar to this. So if you love the look but don’t want to spend that top dollar for it, this is your bag.



I love how these boots have that chunky but stylish look. They were the only ones that spoke to me. They have a few other patterns and colors as well.

a lookbook

This list always consists of my “ideal” wardrobes and stuff I would wear on a day-to-day basis.

I hope you guys got some inspo for this fall season. I hope you’re all ready for cozy sweaters, hot chocolate, and fuzzy socks.

Let’s catch the wave 🌊

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