My Experience being 5″11

If you’re not a tall girl you’re probably thinking what the hell is the big deal. Well it’s not the end of the world and some people might even wish they were taller, but as a teenage girl that wasn’t ALWAYS the case.

When I was younger I was pretty embarrassed about my height. I was noticeably taller than my classmates once I was in middle school. That’s when I was significantly taller than all my friends and ALL the boys I liked yikes.

Back then all I thought was omg my body is so weird, why am I so different from everyone else. Not gonna lie, I’ll blame those years for my awful posture. I had slouch to gossip with my friends in the halls and just feel less awkward lol. Middle school was a weird time y’all.

There was no denying it I was gonna be tall. In high school I embraced my height a bit more. I realized my height made me pretty unique. It also made all my elementary FAT spread out, so that was pretty cool. Luckily I had my cousin Emily, we are more like sisters honestly. We have always been basically the same height and struggled with similar awkwardness. Having her, helped me embrace my height. With her, we were like unstoppable in our minds. We wanted to move to NY and model together after high school and be this hot shot tall bitches. That totally didn’t happen but that dream sure helped me along the way.

So for the real reason you’re here! You probably want to know what tips and tricks I have learned from being tall and loving fashion!

Jeans 👖

I think the biggest thing is finding long enough pants!! This had been a struggle of mine for SO long. I would literally get so upset shopping for pants in middle school and high school. I felt like my body proportions were just impossible to find what I needed. Another big upset would be finding pants I loved, only to have them shrink and wear them as “high waters”. I was a poster child for the high water lewk. I would wear long socks or Uggs in an attempt to cover that up. Those damn middle school class mates of mine saw right through me though lol.

Tip #1

At the moment my ride or die pants are Levi’s, these are pretty expensive but fit great and last forever!

Tip #2

Hollister jeans are another big favorite of mine. They are only $25 (when on sale which is always) and they come in L for LONG ladies!! These have lasted me through all of high school and college. They also don’t have any shrinking problems 🙌🏼

Tip #3

A great tip I have if you find yourself with jeans that have shrunk, is to just roll them. This way everyone thinks you just styled them that way + I think it’s really cute. If you are willing to really commit to something, you can cut them into capri-ish pants or shorts. You could also do the obvious of wearing boots to cover your ankle. Or you know what just ROCK that high water look.

Also when it comes to jeans we have a lot of freedom. Long legs means we can rock a lot of different styles. We can wear flare jeans pretty easily because our legs are long and it doesn’t make your legs look too short.

I like wearing straight leg paper bag pants for a more fancy or professional look.

“Abnormal” Proportions 🍐🍎🍑🍒🍞

Are you a pear, an apple, a peach, a watermelon, or just straight up bread? Honestly, at all different times of the month I feel like all of the above.

For the most part, I am a tall girl with a small waist but really wide hips. So one issue I have is finding things small at the waist, wide at the hips and long enough to bend over in. Most of the time I’m struggling with skirts or dresses because I go up one size which fits length wise but not width.

Tip #4

When it comes to issues like these you just gotta size up and get them taken in. Finding a cheap seamstress you can go to is the biggest key. Everyone no matter their shape or size has to get stuff taken in or cut from time to time. It’s worth it to feel your best. I won’t lie, I get super lazy with this and will wait until the last minute when I want to wear that specific dress or skirt.

I ordered at Large so it would be longer and fit around my butt but then it was too loose around my waist. So I had to get it taken in.

Tall girls will also sometimes have a shorter torso compared to their legs. If this is you, don’t worry you are NOT alone.

Tip #5

The easiest trick is to wear longer shirts that make it appear your torso is longer than it is. You obviously don’t want to go too long or awkwardly big and baggy. I find just like 2 inches longer than my waist is perfect. Most shirts do this anyways. This is not to say you can’t be rocking crop tops cause yessss you can! My fave way to rock crop tops is with a high waisted legging or pants, this hides the belly and evens out the proportions… I think hahaha.

Tip #6

So like I said sometimes our proportions aren’t the most “normal” but that does not mean you have to forgo your personal fashion. The trick is to accentuate your favorite parts of your body. Maybe that is your small waist or big butt or muscular arms. Whatever it is there is a way to accentuate it. Just like everyone else, we can’t rock every single style we want but you can make a lot work. For example, boyfriends jeans are such a big no go for me. My body refuses to make those look nice. What I do know is dresses that come in at my waist are super flattering.

Heels 👡

A very controversial topic for me in high school. Tall girls must face the flat or heel conversation. Especially in high school, a big discussion was ALWAYS “omg sam are you gonna wear heels?” Like it really made a difference to anyone but me and maybe my date. Sophomore year of high school I actually wore 4-inch red heels to homecoming. I went in with a BANG. I was no doubt taller than 95% of the people in the building but I felt SO good about it. I didn’t have a date so I felt super confident and like a baddie, you know.

Tip #7

Also, if you are feeling insecure about doing it, I bet no one from my sophomore homecoming even remembers what I wore. On the flipside, with heels, you gotta own it and feel confident. This can take practice. I recommend practicing at home and building up to family parties and eventually out in the real world!

Junior year and senior year I started dating Zack so I now had a date to consider. Luckily Zack has always been a little taller than me. Heels would still make me an inch or two taller, depending on the heel. Most times I just went with cute flats because it was more comfy and going out and buying heels was a little too stressful on top of everything else.

Tip #8

The key is feeling confident in yourself and a finding a man who is confident with himself. He should look at you and be like hell yeah she’s mine. In high school, it can be tough to be that confident AND find someone equally as confident. Nonetheless, figure out what you want and just own whatever decision that is.

Tip #9

If you want to wear heels WEAR them. If other people feel threatened or insecure about your height, that is most definitely NOT a “you” problem.

Tip #10

If you’re not quite comfortable with heels, there are so many alternatives that are still cute and probably WAY more comfy.

My go to has always been plain black or tan flats, but that really did nothing for my fashion interests. Look for flats or sandals with a unique design, color, texture or pattern. Some good examples:

Lulu’s Audri Flats

Lulu’s Lorena Slides

Lulu’s Zooey Flats

Ekko Off White Slides

Tip #11

You can also achieve the heel look without wearing 4-inch heels and breaking your ankles. Sometimes not all occasions call for that lol. So if you are looking for some heels in the middle ground area these are my favorite. A chunkier heel= easier to walk in.

Tip #12

Also before buying heels online, figure out how tall you want to go and read the descriptions. Sometimes pictures are deceiving.

Lulu’s Arya High Heel Sandal

Chase Black Booties

Stella Booties— 3 inches

Lulu’s Asher Pink Sandals

Kaira Lace Up Heels

Trinidad Lace Up Heels

Sites that cater to tall women:

  1. ASOS

  2. Topshop

  3. Boohoo

My favorite places to shop:

  1. Target 

  2. American Eagle Outfitters

  3. TJMaxx

  4. Lulus

If you guys have any other questions or topics you want more info on let me know in the comments or on any of my social media platforms! These were the topics that came to mind immediately.

Let’s catch the wave!! 🌊

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