My sister-in-law’s sister is having a baby and it was finally time to throw a baby shower! She didn’t want to know what she having so we had to throw a gender-neutral shower. As much as I wish we all could know and be excited it is still fun to throw a gender-neutral shower. We went with a boho, greenery vibe. 

We played a few games. One included the predictions and advice everyone filled out. We played typical games like, unscrambling words, don’t say baby and guess the size of mommy’s belly. 

We also had a soap station. We had someone make the soaps beforehand and everyone was allowed to take one of each scent home. 

Next to the soap, we had a station to write notes on diapers for when mommy or daddy are up late at night. 

We kept the pitchers of water and mom-osas. We found the recipe on Pinterest here. Luckily my sister-in-law has been practicing her calligraphy so it added that extra touch of elegance.

Last minute we got balloons from Amazon for super cheap! We wanted that confetti balloon look but didn’t have time to get the confetti and balloons and inflate them. Amazon has them ready to go, just needs to be inflated. 

We also decided to do a parfait bar! The theme was brunch so we kept it light and fresh in terms of food. 

We also had fruit salad, salad, quiche and finger food snacks. 

We also made deep fried strawberry cheesecake. I am going to be posting this recipe soon so keep an eye out! Subscribe down below if you haven’t yet and you’ll be notified of every new post! 

We were going to set up outside but the rain locked us in. It ended up working out anyway. We did garlands across the tables, a few centerpieces and a garland for the mantle. We also made the mom-to-be a really simple flower crown! I didn’t catch a picture of it but it was super cute!

Over in the left-hand corner of the photo, we also had everyone vote on what they thought the baby would be, boy or girl.  We took to Pinterest for a lot of our inspiration and had so much fun planning! Comment down below any other cute suggestions you might have for a gender neutral baby shower or baby showers in general! If I am ever planning a party by myself I would love to document that in detail. In a year I will be graduating college and I really want to plan  a graduation party!

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