If you are anything like me and my mom, you can never have enough nail polish. My mom and I paint our nails just about every week. Rotating colors is a must and having options has always been important. All my friends always dig through my polish and just laugh, like we are a nail salon. It is ideal when you are painting your nails so often anyways. Our nail polishes have moved from place to place, trying to stay organized. The last place it was, it was in a drawer in a pink basket. My sister just moved out so space opened up on one of her bedroom walls! We had long ago decided we wanted to organize our polishes with shelves but all the ones we liked were too expensive. Thus, a DIY project was born. 

We purchased these wall shelves from Target for around $15 each. We got 3 of them and figured we could see how many fit. With some old wood pieces lying around, my dad cut them to fit perfectly as a little shelf for nail polish. You could also take a trip to Home Depot and find wood that would fit in the shelf. The tiny pieces we had were luckily the right width, we just had to cut them long enough. 

This is the first little shelf within the larger shelf. Then the second row goes in front of it, with a little space to spare. We decided to scatter the shelves instead of in a straight row down. Totally up to you as well. Also, note that you can glue down or tape the DIY shelf down, we decided not to because it stays put but also because we want to be able to use the shelves again!

Our first shelf up and done. We decided to go in color categories, this part is totally up to you. Starting from white to pink and then all the way to glitters and topcoats.

With three shelves we fit majority of our polishes. I’d say each shelf could fit about 40 polishes, depending on bottles sizes and whatnot. 

Our blue/green shelf.

The white and pink shelf.

All three all together! We discovered our collection was larger than expected. We had quite a few polishes left.

These were all the polishes left over after 3 shelves were hung! We later went back to Target and got two more shelves. The second shelf has some space to spare but that’s perfect for an always growing collection haha! I hope this gave you some inspiration of your own to get a DIY project going or just organizing something in your life! As always thank you so much for reading along and “catching the wave”. Comment down below any genius hacks you have!

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