Wow, I cannot believe it is already June and almost Father’s day! If you feel like life has been running at you like crazy and have had 0 time to think of gift ideas then I am here for ya.

I’m going to touch on a little bit of everything. Every dad is different and shoot maybe your dad will hate literally everything I list but at the least, I hope it provides some inspiration.

If you like any of the things I list, it would be super amazing of you to buy them from my link. You basically just have to click on the photo and it will take you directly to purchase the item. I will get the credit once you buy it ☺️

Some of these things are relatively cheap while others are more of a splurge! I would suggest going in on a more expensive gift with siblings or someone else who would gift your dad something.


Studfinder – $20 on Amazon

Self Leveling Laser- $70

Food + Alcohol

$14.99 for a pack of 6 on Amazon

A quick snack on the go that won’t break the scale. Get him a snack he might have not tried otherwise!

keto pancake mix $12.99 on Amazon

My family is on a pretty keto diet right now and my dad loves his pancakes. This way he could have his pancakes without feeling guilty.

$35 on Amazon

$35 on Amazon

Set of 6 Crystal Wine Glasses- $20

Wine glasses might be a “female” type of gift but like what does that even mean. I know some men in my life who love themselves a glass of wine! I have to be pretty generic in these gift guides, so really think about what your dad or father figure in your life love.

2 for $25 on Amazon

Fancy shmancy way to drink his fave alcohol.


$28 fo Slim Phone Tile on Amazon

Maybe your dad loses stuff like crazy, this could help him find stuff a little quicker.

Echo Dot – $30 on Amazon

Echo Spot- Smart Alarm Clock- $130 on Amazon

Bundle Echo Dot and Ring- $188 on Amazon

4K Firestick- $50 on Amazon

The Firestick is a ride or die streaming device.

Laptop Backpack $36 on Amazon

Hobby-related Stuff

Figure out what your dad’s hobby is and see what he could use to make that hobby more fun.

Maybe he likes fishing, get him some cool fishing gear and accessories.

Maybe he likes listening to music, find him some cool concert tickets.

Maybe he likes fixing up his car, get him a toolbox with all the fun* cleaning stuff.

*fun for him lol

Maybe he like cooking, get him some cool new knives.

You know your dad best, or at least you know someone who knows him best.

Sports Memorabilia

$100 from Macy’s

$40 from Fanatics

They have got some pretty crazy stuff for sport team fanatics. License plates, hats, signs, mugs, shirts, kitchen supplies and all sorts of stuff.

Personalized Gifts

I will say it over and over, I think sentimental gifts are the best gifts. This could be just a “me” thing, so make sure your dad or in-laws feel the same before passing them a sappy photo album filled with pretty colors and glitter that they would hate.

One of the easiest ways to personalize a nice gift is using Shutterfly. Shutterfly has a ton of stuff like mugs, picture frames, magnets, cards, pillows, keychains, and a whole lot more! I included a couple of examples below.

$24 from Shutterfly

$45 on Shutterfly// Cutting Board

$9.99 on Shutterfly// Keychain

If you are still looking for more ideas I have a few other gift guides from the past:

7 Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Holiday Gift Guide for Him

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him

I have a ton more! If you need even more to feel inspired, head to the search bar on my page and just type in “gift”.

Another great tool is Amazon, they have a whole page dedicated to gifts your dad might like! Click the photo below and it will redirect you to their site.

If your the type of person who prefers to shop in store, I would 1,000% recommend Marshalls. They seriously have hidden gems of cool stuff and you can’t beat the prices.

I took some pictures of the type of stuff they have on display.

At the end of the day, you could get your dad a card with a lovely note and he would be happy! Maybe stuff a $20 in and he would be EXTRA happy 😊

Anyways, I hope this helped you figure out what to get the father figure in your life!

Let’s catch the wave 🌊

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