The one time of year you can really pour your love for your mother into a whole day. For my family, this day is basically what mom says, that’s what goes.

As my mother said, “It’s all about relaxation”. Do whatever it takes to take some pressure and stress off your mom. Whether you do the laundry for the week or make dinner for her, make it special. Gifts don’t always need to cost money, so I made sure to include some quick gifts to purchase but also some acts of service to show your love.

I am not yet a mother so I can’t say for certain what I would want but these are things I think most women would love this Mother’s Day. I listed some more generic things with links to some of the most popular options in that category!


SteinMart- $12.99

Sand + Fog candles are one my absolute faves. I found them first at Marshalls and omg, the best and for the best price.


My new favorite drink of choice is Rosé. This one is my favorite. Its a little sweet but not too much. Now I know this isn’t about me but about your mom! So try and get something new for her to try or stick to her all time faves, whatever that drink is.

wine glasses


$19.96 for a set of 4 from World Market

wine tasting experience

Maybe your mom and her friends or your aunts would love to go wine tasting together. There are tons of places to do wine tastings. Whether it is restaurants or a specialty wine place. Chip in together to pay for your moms to all go out together.

Malibu Wine Safari

San Antonio Winery

Ojai Valley Inn


weighted blanket

$75 at Target

This is something I think is a really cool investment. It supposedly feels like you’re being hugged and it’s super relaxing.

The plush weighted blanket is a safe and effective remedy for anyone looking for a better night’s sleep or just to feel a little more relaxed after a stressful day at the office.

the luxury of sleeping in

Especially for moms with young kids, this is a given. Allowing her to sleep in by maybe babysitting for her or just getting the kids out of the house in the morning.

facials/manicures/spa day

Take them to the salon and let them get pampered. Or if they prefer staying home, bring the salon to them. There are freelancers who come to your home and offer different services like facials, manicures, makeovers, and massages. I would say this is something you would find on Instagram looking in your area or through friends. You could even do your moms nails yourself and do the makeover together!

make them breakfast

Check out my blog post on these super cute heart shaped pancakes!

…and if you’re feeling nice, make them lunch and dinner too

do her chores for her

If you’re feeling just super awesome, you can do all the things she hates doing. Whether that’s making dinner for the whole week, taking the trash out or deep cleaning the house… or maybe you can finish that project she’s been wanting done around the house.

plan a surprise relaxing trip

I think these ideas can work off the wine tasting idea if you go somewhere further away. My mom and Nina’s favorite getaway is in Palm Springs. They love spending the day relaxing by the pool and getting a nice tan. Plan something simple if you can’t do an entire trip. Hang by the pool at home or a nice resort nearby.

items that support her hobby

Does your mom love reading? Gardening? Being crafty? Taking photos? Traveling? Get her something that could enhance her hobbies. If she loves reading, get her a Kindle. If she loves gardening get her some new flowers to plants with new gloves. If she loves being crafty, get her the new Cricut machine or some basic crafty stuff from Michales. The list could go on and on.

sentimental gifts

Get her something or make something that reminds her you are thankful she is your mom. A card that lays it all out. A book of your favorite memories together. Whatever it is, you know what’s special to her.

At the end of the day in all my gift guides, I always say listening to them and asking them what they want is the way to go. If they give you nothing to work with or don’t want anything in particular head to gift guides. I would say things that can help your mom relax or enjoy her “me time” more is the perfect gift. 🌟I really think you can make any gift look good with your presentation too! Spending the extra time to write their name on that card nicer or adding a printed photo shows effort. I would say it doesn’t go unnoticed.

If you still need help deciding on a gift, leave a comment below describing what your mom likes and we can try to brainstorm some amazing ideas. 💗

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