Halloween is just a week away! How does time fly so insanely fast? It feels like just yesterday it was the beginning of summer. Nonetheless, we are here and that means its time to get serious about costume ideas (the last minute, of course).

Okay so honestly you can take ANY idea, even the most overdone idea and make it unique. My friend Mel was a cowgirl last year and you might be thinking okay cool BUT she made it a neon cowgirl. It was sort of like cheetah sisters but cowgirl. She wore a platinum blonde wig and had a bright blue cowgirl hat that lit up blue at night! It was epic. So if I list some basic ideas, get creative with it and even DIY it a little.

1. a booger and a finger.. yea I said it.

I thought this idea would be pretty cute for a couple who doesn’t want to be “sexy” but rather maybe comfy and silly. Like the caption for your pic ” of all the boogers, I picked you” . hello, cute. I know.

To be a booger just dress in like all green, maybe different shades and just wear a hello im a booger sticker.. idk I can’t come up with the whole idea hahha. Then the finger just find a dress or a shirt that has a big ol’ finger on it. Or if you are die-hard for this idea, have a spy kids thumb moment.

2. bat costume

If you wanted to make this a couple costume, your partner could be a vampire or just another bat!

I would use a cute silky or see-through long robe with bell sleeves or fluffy sleeves. Then just get simple bat ears from Amazon. Wear an all-black fit under the robe, as sexy or nonsexy as you would like and boom!

3. fairy moment

Just think glitter. Glitter makeup, glitter hair, glitter costume and wings of course.

Okay, these wings would kill your back after a night out and you wouldn’t be able to get in your Uber BUT the point is the vibe. A two-piece set covered in jewels and sparkles! The long natural hair flowing down. You could be a lot of things before you add the wings, which just makes it easy to reuse next year!

I would do wings more like this!

4. robbers

Zack and I have actually done this costume. We did it in high school because it was super easy to pull off and really comfortable.

Striped black and white shirts, black pants, a beanie and some sort of bag to steal all the money! This is another idea I think you can get really creative with. You can be robbers with fun colors, gory makeup, sexy outfits, just really anything you want.

5. euphoria character

Everyone has been obsessed with the makeup and outfits on this show. This one will probably be a super popular costume this year. It’s fun and lets you be a “real person” that inspires you maybe fashion-wise or personality-wise for one night.

If you aren’t a makeup artist you probably will need to practice this look. There are so many iconic looks in the show. They even have a halloween episode, the inspiration is endless.

Honestly just check out Pinterest and scroll for a bit, it will get your costume juices flowing.

This halloween zack and I will be flying to Mexico City! We aren’t planning on dressing up but are very excited to take in the culture of Dia de Los Muertos. I will be documenting it all and a blog post on that will come the week following halloween!

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