Zack and I are known as the travelers in the fam. We are always planning some sort of trip throughout the year. Through the years we have found some great tips and tricks when planning a trip in advance or last minute, they both have their benefits.

Last-minute trips during the week are great for places that are typically visited on the weekends, like Vegas. Luckily, we can leave on a weekday without work being an issue as we can work pretty much from anywhere. I know not everyone has this luxury so most of my tips relate to the weekend trips you would plan in advance.

It is ALL in the prep work. If you don’t prepare for a trip be ready to spend more money.


  • Come up with a place you want to travel to and watch Google Flights.

  • Make sure you look at different times of year

  • If the flight is super long, bring some skincare essentials. Your skin will be extremely dry and dull after a long flight.

  • Always buy water after going through TSA, even if you don’t think you will be thirsty.

  • Same goes for snacks. Bring your faves. Luckily you can bring food through TSA, so you can find the best deals outside the airport.

  • Bring a small pillow/ blanket for the flight. Just something to lay your head on or feel comfy.

  • If you are going to wear sandals on the flight, bring SOCKS.

  • Check how much baggage costs for flights and what the weight restrictions are.

  • Also, do your best to not pack the most valuable things you own in checked bags, a lost bag is rare but very unfortunate when it happens.

  • Zack lost his bag and Southwest refused to pay him for it, even though he provided the receipts to the items. So yea, we learned the hard way. They also only had a policy up to 3k.

  • Wear the heavy stuff on the flight to maximize space in your bag.

  • If you are traveling with a big floppy hat:

  • fill the round part with clothes so it doesn’t get squished

  • buy one of those magnet clips to clip it to your purse/ carry-on


  • Get a fuel efficient car to cut costs on gas, easy. But also try and get something with some space, especially if it’s a 12+ hr trip.

  • Have a cooler with food/ drinks you KNOW you will want. Why spend $40 on gas station snacks if you could spend less by getting it ahead of time.

  • Have a playlist qued up and ready to go.

  • Include a variety of stuff like podcasts and different genres of music

  • Stop at Pilots and Flying J for cheap gas and amenities.

  • You could plan your trip on stops at these gas stations. Zack and I never go that far but let me tell you, we have run on E scared to breakdown way too many times.

  • Pack the car smart. Keep your luggage easy to access. Have a trash bag. Make sure your snacks and drinks are within reach.

  • Be a good co-pilot. Find gas stations quickly, watch the gas. Keep them awake. Entertain them with stories or games. Sing music loudly. Feed them. Whatever it takes.

  • Have your directions ready to go before you hit a no signal area.

  • Directions will keep going through no signal areas because it has it saved.

  • But trying to start a new direction with no signal, it won’t happen.

Your Itinerary

  • Have a plan for when you arrive at your destination. Even if you are not the type to keep to a plan, having a back-up or having something to generally go off of is KEY.

  • Make a list of specific things you want to see and eat.

  • I included an example of what I do in my Notes on my phone.

  • Don’t invite problematic people. AKA- people who don’t vacation the way you do.

  • I also plan pictures I really want to get at which places and what type of picture.

  • This might be excessive for the average traveler but come on, everyone is trying to get 🔥IG content.

  • Look for discounts/ special group deals/ events on the days you are traveling.

I like to mark things that I really want to prioritize and for sure see. I also like to include prices, vibes and the reasons I want to visit that place. As you can see I wrote Buffalo Milk- alcoholic milkshake. That way when I go back through my list and try to decide what to do, I will know why I wanted to go to that place.

Our Next Trips

Catalina Island for my Birthday! August 10-12

We planned this trip in May / June. For graduation my Aunt Diane gave us a gift card for the Catalina Express. We are using that to save on the boat ride. On top of that, you get to ride free on your birthday, so my ride there is free.

Paris/ London/ Spain February 2020

This trip we just now started planning a couple of weeks ago. We are super far in advance and the weather in Paris will be cold, which is why it will be cheaper for us to fly there. Still in the works so please comment anything we HAVE to see or do!!

Let’s catch the wave 🌊

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