I am so sad I can’t get a recipe up in time for Thanksgiving. Our kitchen just won’t be done and I want the recipes to be perfect! Hopefully next year I can get them up or for Christmas maybe. My dad makes an amazing cranberry sauce and sweet potato yams. If that is something you guys would like to see please leave a comment below! I have so many recipe ideas planned for the future so stay tuned 😍 Today I am going to talk about the second real reason thanksgiving, aside from the bomb food, being with family. Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful and spend it with family, it has come to be just a holiday everyone eats and moves forward for Christmas. Not this year it won’t be! Here are a few ideas to get your family feeling thankful this Thanksgiving.

1. Play games

  1. trivia on Thanksgiving and facts about your family (with a grand prize)

  2. My family and I are actually playing it this year. To break it down we are going to ask questions about Thanksgiving, for example, “How long did the first Thanksgiving last?” and the first person to answer right gets a point. For facts about our family, we would ask questions like “When is Eddie and Nicole’s wedding anniversary?”  and so on for other members of our family; birthdays, anniversaries, cars, favorite hobbies, whatever it might be! We are probably going to use a dry erase board or chalkboard to keep score but there are many ways to do it. We also thought maybe we would use cute clothespins. Since we would be asking so many questions we are going to try our best to ask as many questions as possible throughout the night. If you guys try this I would love to know what you did and how it went! I really just think this is a perfect way to remind the family of each other and how important each of us are and why we gathered for Thanksgiving. 

  3. Catch Phrase

  4. this is a funny one and gets the whole room laughing!

  5. Monopoly 

  6. if you have time to finish a game or accept that you won’t finish it lol

  7. Cards Against Humanity

2. Get sentimental

  1. everyone brings something they are most thankful for

  2. everyone brings a photo of their favorite memories

  3. everyone anonymously writes things they are thankful for and read them out loud together

3. Pick your secret Santa

  1. Each year on Thanksgiving my family picks our Secret Santa’s. We just started doing this a couple of years ago because we were all adults and it was getting expensive and hard to buy for everyone in the family. So to make it easier for everyone we all write three things we would want for Christmas that costs $50 or under. Then we pick names and take our persons little slip of paper with their wish list on it. 

4. Make a video to reminisce on the year

  1. Gather photos from over the entire year and throw it together and make a slideshow. It sounds like more work than it really is. Ask family to send pictures from the year or check Facebook and Instagram and add them all to a slideshow. Play it on a TV for everyone to watch and voila done!

5. Plan a family vacation

  1. I know this one is not for every family but some families take a vacation once a year or maybe its been forever and it’s time for one. The excitement when starting to plan a family get-together is so fun and will definitely have everyone feeling good. 

Thank you guys so so much for following along this week and catching the wave. I appreciate all the support I get on here, Instagram, Facebook and of course real life (can’t forget that one)! I am seriously waiting for this kitchen to be done and I will be non-stop posting recipes so stay tuned, especially for Christmas. So subscribe to my blog down below if you have no idea what you’re going to make yet and need a little inspiration. Love you guys and I can’t wait to spend time with family this week!

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