The holidays mean it is time to stay in a lot more and cuddle up by a fire or with a warm cup of hot chocolate. So I have curated a list of my top 13 christmas movies. These are the movies I watch almost every season.

1. Elf 

just a good ol’ laugh the entire time

2. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation 

an iconic movie with wild humor and makes fun of the family dynamic

3. Four Christmases 

a good story about love and compromises

4. Nightmare Before Christmas

an absolute Disney classic

5. The Grinch

the new one is soooo cute

6. The Holiday

how could you not have this one? a rom-com that pulls on your heartstrings

7. Christmas with the Kranks

another funny family dynamic when their daughter comes home for the holidays but they were going to go on a cruise instead.

8. Love Actually

another sappy holiday movie.

9. Deck the Halls 

this ones makes me laugh always, a rivalry between two neighbors

10. Just Friends

omgggg such a good one. a story about friends, love and a serious glow-up

11. A Bad Mom Christmas

oh girl this is a must-see. I think you can guess by the title what it’s about.

12. Eight Crazy Nights

honestly, this one I don’t really watch anymore but its a super inappropriate holiday cartoon with Adam Sandler as the lead.

13. Ghost of Girlfriends Past

a nice story about a man going through his past girlfriends to realize which girl is the one for him.

Hopefully, these movies can keep you in the Christmas spirit, get you through some tough times or just give you a good laugh.

As you can see I mostly like comedies and romantic stuff. I hope these movies treat you well this holiday season 😊

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