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Alright time to get goal setting! If you guys missed the review of my 2019 goals, you should definitely check it out. I go through just how realistic I was and if I even achieved any of them.

This year I am going into a whole different phase of my life. The turn of the decade is changing my world haha.

1. read at least 4 books

I used to love reading as a teenager. Lately, I haven’t made time to read and I want that to change this year! Four books aren’t the craziest goal but it is somewhere to start. If you have some good book recommendations let me know. I like most fiction then self-help and business-related.

2. find myself at the beach more often

The beach is my happy place. Anytime I am at the beach I feel so grounded and I want to invite that energy into my life as much as possible.

3. travel

I always love traveling. Whether I am doing small trips or big trips, I will take them all. I am planning a few things already and I am SO excited!

4. post more content across all my platforms

I want to be more consistent across all my platforms, not just my website. While I want consistency I don’t want to sacrifice authenticity and true creativity.

5. reach capacity on clients for glow getter collective

As a two-person team, reaching capacity could happen fairly quickly. So hopefully from there we would be able to grow our team and expand.

6. prioritize my health (mental + physical)

This is a laundry list of things; a workout routine, eating healthier foods, giving myself a breather when I need it and taking care of my skin.

7. make an effort to be more sustainable

This one is pretty big too and there are so many things I can do to make that effort. Using reusable cups whenever I can, ditching plastic, eating more plant-based, thrifting clothes and more.

8. ok seriously, finish decorating my room

Last year was crazy busy so I let that slide from my resolutions. I got a majority of it done but now I got some small details left. My room is pretty small so it requires some planning lol.

If you missed it on my other platforms I made a tik tok all about my 2020 vision board. Check it out to see what I am manifesting. I’m hanging it in my room and I look at it every single day. I highly recommend you do it too! Literally cost a dollar for the frame and printed my favorite pictures from Pinterest. You could even get pictures from magazines or books, get creative!


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