Taking care of your skin is soooo important. Starting young is also a great kick start but it is also never too late to get into it. Everyone has different skin concerns which means everyone has different skincare routines.

This routine is for my particular skin. I have slightly sensitive skin with combo to dry skin. My main concerns are acne, blemishes, wrinkles, and hydration. If your skin type is different and these products still work for you leave them in the comments below! Also, leave your skin type and routine to help out others.

Morning 🌅

Thayer’s Witch Hazel Toner with Cotton Pad

If your skin is really really sensitive then you are probably better off using the unscented version of this product. I love it because it is alcohol free.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel Two Pumps

I really like this moisturizer because my skin absorbs it super quickly with no greasy residue. For days when my skin needs intense hydration I have yet to find the perfect moisturizer. I am thinking I need a moisturizing serum for days like that. Or possibly using the lotion formula in this same moisturizer.

Spritz of Mario Badescu Rose Spray

I normally will spray this on my face before heading out every morning to give my face a bit of “luxury” every morning.

Night 🌌

Clarisonic with Origins Cleanser

I really love my Clarisonic. It makes me feel like I really got in there and cleaned my skin. If you are more sensitive, I recommend using the radiant brush head. They have suuuuper soft ones that feel so good while still getting in there.

The cleanser is also a definite favorite of mine. It lathers and gets sudsy which I love about it. It smells really clean and feel great. The best part about it is that it makes your face feel squeaky clean afterwards without the drying feeling.

Sunday Riley UFO Oil

I just started using this and so far I am loving it. It is on the more expensive (very expensive) side but I think it is worth it. It has great ingredients that treat your acne while also keeping it clean. It doesn’t make your face dry nor does it make it super oily.

If you are going to splurge on something, skincare is the best place to do it. 

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel One Pump

At night I will use only one pump of this because I use my oil under it.

Tea Tree Oil for acne spots

This stuff is SUPER powerful. It can dry out a pimple overnight. You want to be careful with this, especially if your skin is dry. It can dry out the area too much, so be sure to place it only on your pimple.

Spritz of Mario Badescu Rose Spray

I use this sometimes throughout the day if I have redness or need an extra boost of moisture.

I am still looking for a serum for that extra hydration in the morning. I would apply it every morning in between the toner and moisturizer step.

Vasanti Brighten Up Exfoliator

I use this at least once a week. Since I do have dry skin this helps get rid of the flakes and dead skin. This makes my skin super smooth.

I also get facials every 4 to 6 weeks. If you are looking for a super great facial at a really great price, Martha is it. She does all sorts of facials and treatments from her home in Chino, CA. She is a certified esthetician and super funny! DM me on Instagram to get her contact info to schedule an appointment. The first time I went I got microdermabrasion and from then on I get facials.

I am still searching for some ride or die products. Serums, face masks, maybe tools you live by. I am also testing out some different sunscreens for my face, so if you have one you love let me know PLEAASE! If there is anything else you really love, comment below and let’s talk about it!

I truly believe when your skin feels good, you feel good. Obviously A LOT goes into that and trust me I KNOW but a good skin day can boost your mood. Let’s chat on IG or in the comments about your fave products and must haves.

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