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I have collected some of my favorite products from 2018. These are things I loved using all year and also one thing that I still really want for next year haha. Maybe we have a few things in common and maybe I can show you a few new things you could love next year.


Sol De Janeiro Bum Bum Cream

This moisturizing cream is such a dream. It smells sooo delicious and the scent lasts all day. It has a sparkle in it, which totally sounds a little scary, but it is so beautiful. Most importantly it moisturizes your skin so well. It feels so hydrated and soft afterwards. Love Love Love. I won’t lie, I don’t use it super often and save it for more special occasions or when my skin just needs a pick me up.

Taking care of my skin

If you guys don’t have a set skincare routine, you gotta get on it! This is the skin you have forever. Even if it just a good cleanser and moisturizer, that’s effort and a great start. It takes time to really find what you like and what works but it is SO worth it. I’m planning on posting a a new updated skincare routine soon. Stay tuned for that!

Chloé perfume Nomade

This was a last minute looooove. I went shopping for Christmas gifts with my mom and I passed this perfume in the mall and became obsessed. I was going to buy it myself after the holidays but my mom was so amazing and surprised me with it on Christmas. And she got it engraved!

Buxom Lipgloss

This lipgloss is so good. It has a perfect consistency, it’s not gloppy and sticky but shiny and beautiful. It also gives a little minty feel and plumps your lips. It is super minor to me but if you tend to be sensitive, I would skip it.


Levi’s Wedgie Jeans

These jeans are the best jeans ever. I love how they fit and how they look with almost any outfit.


You really can’t go wrong. These are so comfy and soft. Also super cute.

Nike Air Force 1-100

I don’t even own these and they landed on my favorites list. I have wanted these all year long. Still don’t have them but maybe 2019 😛


Planners for the year

I love planning and keeping organized. I can look back on the year easily and also look ahead to see what I need and want to get accomplished.

MacBook Pro

My Mac is a must. I do everything on it. Blog, school work, personal stuff, just about everything.

Self Care

Salt Lamp

Zack and I got salt lamps when we visited Jerome, AZ. I love keeping mine on when relaxing in my room or going to bed. It is supposed to get rid of negative ions.. I think.. in your space. Hahaha regardless it works and it relaxes me.

Cozy Socks

Cozy socks are a must. For me its a level of comfort that makes me feel at peace. A definite must on a day of relaxing, or at least a day I want to pretend I am relaxing.

Saalt Menstrual Cups

If this is TMI for you so sorry not sorry. Cups are lifechanging for so many reasons. They are reusable cups that collect your blood. If you want to know more I definitely recommend researching them some more. There is so many different brands and sizes and all that. I started using a cup for a couple different reasons.

One: I am doing what I can to reduce the waste I put into the world.

Two: I am saving money. You only need to buy one cup every 5-10 years or so.

I chose Saalt because the packaging was cute (not the best reason but it helps haha), they have a size pack, money back guarantee, great price, and they give back to other women in need. I recommend getting a cup with a money back guarantee so you don’t go buying cups you hate and wasting money. I have learned SO much about myself and about what I can do to help reduce my waste. This is a NEED for all women. Do your research and do your part!



This app is perfect for editing pictures. I use to find some presets then edit them to match my feed better. You can also have your own presets on it. I have used this app for yeeeears. Since high school, so like 6 years now. You can use all the basic editing tools and sign up for a membership for extra tools at a really good price.


Unfold is amazing to make aesthetically pleasing stories on Instagram. You can also pay for upgraded layouts.


UNUM is perfect to lay out your feed and see how it all looks together. I use it to plan my future posts.

Adobe Draw

On Adobe Draw you can add your own artwork to pictures. It is super easy and also really nice quality.

Let’s keep catching the wave! This year is almost over so let’s make the most of it! Maybe I will share my new years resolutions for 2019 at the start of next year! 💗


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