It’s finally here! I am launching my very first t-shirt! The first of many more to come.✨

The shirts are a fitted women’s tee from American Apparel. If you know anything about American Apparel tees, you know they are super soft and comfy. I am also selling my shirts for $14 which is less than what it would cost to get the shirts from AA.  On their site, they cost $18 and with mine, you get an adorable design! This launch is unfortunately limited to the U.S. 

My shirt is a size Large and I am 5’11. 

My amazing model + cousin Emily 💖 She is also wearing a Large and is 5’11.

This blog has grown so much because of all you and I couldn’t be more grateful. Investing in my goals and passions is worth the risk and I’m hoping this is an amazing step forward. In the future, I would absolutely love to have my own clothing line or store. I can’t reach that goal without making this first step! I really appreciate all the support you all give me, whether your support is buying this shirt, sharing my posts, liking my pictures on Instagram or commenting on my posts! All the small things make my dreams possible and I am so excited to bring you all on this journey. Let’s keep catching the wave and rolling with the punches🌊 I love you all💙

Come back tomorrow at 10 a.m. to get yours❣️ Make sure you use Paypal to check out. You can use any card, it does not have to be Paypal but that is just the server I have set-up for payments! Thank you all so much💖

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