Have your outdoor patio lights started to look drab and faded? Ours definitely were, so we decided to make it a family DIY project. Our lights became just a part of the walls, we stopped noticing them. We got them about 6 years ago at Target. So they lived a long time but it was time to spice them up. Every step of the way was easy to involve the whole family. By the end we were so excited to see how our family project turned out. Now whenever we look up at our lights it reminds us of the nights we stayed up painting together. If you wanna see how we made our lights fabulous again keep on reading!

Wash and clean each bulb carefully not to get any water inside.

Let them dry. You can use acetone to remove the color for a completely clean slate. I chose to just clean and touch up as I wanted. It was much easier, especially since some bulbs were totally fine and others were totally faded already.

In order to set them up and let them dry we made this little holder. We grabbed a wooden box we had and some tape. For more support we even added vertical striped of tape to make a space for each bulb. We had a lot of bulbs so we ended up making a second bigger box to carry them all. 

To paint them we used regular acrylic paint because that was what we already had. It is up to you if you want to use actual glass paint. Keep in mind this is what it looked like up close using acrylic paint. But from far it just gives off a bright and fun color. We didn’t mind it, it just added more character to our house. When painting we did have to use a few layers but that really depends on your paint. We just painted a few of them with fun colors, left some the same and added some fun accents on the flowers. It is totally up to you how you want to paint your bulbs.

Once you’re done painting and they are dry, spray a coat of UV-Resistant Spray over each bulb. This will help with preventing fading in the future. I’m sure there are different brands with different finishes but this is the one we had on hand.

Our newly painted lights. When we were hanging them up again we had to play around with the order. We wanted pops of color all around the house. So we had to be smart about placement. We also didn’t want the same colors next to each other. 

We had just painted the eaves on our house so it was the perfect time to redo our lights and make everything feel new.

At night, the lights were still bright and colorful. We gave life back to our little backyard.

The lights in the daytime and at night look absolutely beautiful. If you’re looking for a cheap and easy way to spice up your backyard this is it! It is also the perfect way to get the family all together. Thank you guys so much for reading and if you have any other suggestions leave them in the comments below! What other cheap ways can you spice up the backyard that you would like to see me do? 

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