My mom decided she wanted to reupholster a bench we have had most of my life. I sadly did not catch a before picture but it was just a brown and gold fabric with some design. We have been redoing our house for a while now and we are moving this bench somewhere more people can see it, so it has to match the house now. 

So the first thing we did was take the bench legs off and then take off initial fabric off. We took flathead screwdrivers to pull the staples and slowly get the fabric out. Once that was off we were left with this. It did take some time to get allllll the staples out but relatively easy work.

So my dad took some extra wood we had and fit it to the shaped of the bench. He then took a nail gun and got that in place. 

We bought fabric that could cover the underside of the bench. We went to Jo-Ann’s and purchased a yard of fabric from Pellon. 

You can purchase it on Amazon for about $7. Click the photo above to browse options. You can skip this step or just use any thin fabric to cover the underside. 

We staple all that bottom fabric in and now onto the fabric of your choice.

We went with something neutral but still had a pattern. For a yard of this at Jo-Ann’s it was on sale for about $15 (50% off). Lay your fabric on the bench so the pattern is where you want it and so there is enough fabric on each side to staple.

Pulling with a little pressure staple in one side at a time. Be sure you don’t pull so hard that the foam underneath gets warped.

Then, staple the opposite side as tight as you like.

Staple the two long sides.

Now, corners. This part was a little tough to figure out and there are a million different ways to do it. My mom did reupholster a round cushion once and it was completely different. Okay so onto the corners. I’m not going to lie, this is the hardest part and a litllt bit confusing. So just reread the instructions and look at the pictures until you’ve got a good idea.

Start off by gathering the extra fabric to the corner. Cut each side of the fabric about an inch away from the edge. You want to cut in the direction of the bench as seen above.  Be sure to only cut halfway down. 

So next, you cut the other side along the direction of the bench and only halfway down.

Gather your two half cut pieces and cut a line horizontal to the cuts you made NOT vertically.

You still want fabric so do NOT cut down the bench side but straight across the bottom.

The cut should be like this. If you cut it down the bench side, you end up with no triangle and just a straight line of fabric close to the bench. Not what you want.

The pocket will look something like this

Do that on every corner and the hard part is over.

Put your bench legs back on and voila!

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