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Our journey began around 6 p.m. on Wednesday evening. We didn’t make it to Houston until about midnight on Thursday. (with the two hour time change). This post mostly includes the things we did once we got to our destination and less about the 24 hour drive to get there!

Hopefully I found some hidden gems for y’all and you can try them soon!

Let’s catch the wave 🌊

We finally made it to San Antonio and we were starrrving. We stopped at The Cove. Not going to lie when we first walked up I was skeptical. It was a laundromat and restaurant. This is possibly a tactic to keep this place a hidden gem. The food was super delicious and the vibe was also reaaaaly cute. They had live music, a playground for kids, a bar and outdoor seating. Also, vegan friendly.

We decided to hit the Alamo and the Riverwalk once we made it to San Antonio. We were just a few more hours away from Houston so we decided to make a stop and see some attractions.

Lunch was at Bar Boheme and it was sooo bomb. Such a cute vibe and a really nice happy hour menu for both drinks and food.

We saw the Dan Flavin art installation after lunch and it was super beautiful. Sadly couldn’t take pictures inside soooo this is all I got. We also saw the water fall wall near the Houston Galleria. We wanted to visit the James Turrel Skyspace but we wanted to see it at night and by the time we got to it. They closed lol.

The dinner we were waiting for all year. We had first tried Superica in Atlanta a year ago. For that post check it out here. We fell in loooove with the food and saw they were opening a Houston location. When we went over summer they were still closed but alas they opened and we came.

We had the best experience and our waiter was the sweetest. We sat outside and for the time of year and day it was perfect. It was also pretty loud inside and we were going for a more lowkey vibe.

Saturday was the bigger sneaker show and Sunday we did a more lowkey event. To give you an idea of what we do and sell I took these pics from where I stood at both shows haha. If you like what you see definitely check out the website.

We had breakfast at Sweet Paris on Sunday morning. I won’t lie, I came in not really expecting much but giiiiiirrrl was I wrong. Zack and I both got the Houstonian crepe. It was reaaaalllly good! I definitely recommend. We went around 8 a.m. and it started picking up traffic.

So we left Houston that night and spent the night in San Antonio. Woke up at 4 a.m. and started the 20 hour journey home.

Before leaving we ate at Torchy’s Tacos. I don’t know if you guys remember but we ate here over summer at the Austin location and it was a totally different experience. This location (and it seems like most locations) was really modern and nice inside.

If you guys want to see more stuff to do in Texas check out my post from the summer here. Hope you guys enjoyed the content from this week! More holiday posts are coming soon! If you missed my gift guide be sure to check it out ASAP! Get ahead on that christmas shopping.


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