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All year I have been stewing over the fact that my niece was turning 10 years old. I knew this felt like such a milestone, I wanted to do my best to make it special.

In the process of creating this journal, I found myself healing my own inner child. I also watched Are You There God, Its Me Margaret while making this book and it reminded me (as well as made me bawl my eyes out) of what is was like to be a young girl.

I want to include my Pinterest board where I did save some ideas for this as well under the section "journal".

Ideas for what to write inside:

  • 10 fears you overcame

  • Affirmations

  • Angel numbers

  • Quotes that could resonate

  • 10 songs I loved when I was 10

  • 10 things you'll need to know for the next 10 years

  • What I hope the next decade looks like (very general things as to not put them into a box!! ie. Don't say "becoming a teacher, doctor etc.")

  • What you love right now

  • What you hate right now

  • One lesson you learned each year (to continue the journal and write one thing from 10-20)

  • A sealed letter for you to open on your 20th birthday

This project was really fun and I hope it inspires others to make the little ones in their lives feel seen and understood.

My nephew will be 10 in a year and I am already thinking of how I can make him a special journal.

If you guys have any ideas specific to maybe things a 10 year old boy could resonate with, I would LOVE the input!

I would love to see any journals you guys create as well! Please tag me or DM me on any social media @catchthewavewithsam, linked below.


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