I don’t know about y’all but summer weather has finally arrived in SoCal. I decided to make a list of my summer must-haves! These are the things I need during summer time and some things I would love to have! If you love any of the things I list you can click directly on the photos to be taken directly to the site to purchase! These links are from my affiliates so if you decide to purchase anything, you would be helping my blog grow. I totally understand if you aren’t going to buy anything and you just want to get some inspiration for your summer! So let’s get into it already 💘


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Summery Clothes


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Don’t forget you need to protect your skin anytime you plan on being outside! I can relate to wanting to be so tan and get there fast but it’s not healthy, especially in the long run. The sun is sneaky and damages your skin quickly. My favorite drugstore sunscreen is Hawaiin Tropic Sheer Touch with 30 SPF. It leaves a nice sheer shine on your skin, which makes it look super hydrated.  I know there is a lot of different types of sunscreens at different price points but as long as your protecting your skin somehow, its better than not at all! I hope you got some inspiration on what to do wear and bring along with you this summer! If you like blog posts where I list some of my favorite things head to my IG and comment on my latest picture! Let’s take advantage of this weather and catch the wave 🌊

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