These are my summer skin and makeup essentials! I tried to include some budget friendly and more expensive options for skin. I think if you’re going to splurge, skincare is where its at. That doesn’t mean you need to splurge on everything though.



Clinique Gel Moisturizer $28

I love using this moisturizer year round but even more so in the summer. During the summer I don’t need as much hydration so this gel formula is perfect. Over top I add a sunscreen anyways. This has lasted me an entire year 1-2 pumps a day!

Nuetrogena Clear Face Sunscreen $9.59

It is best to look for sunscreens with at least 30 SPF but after 50 SPF , the difference isn’t major. Regardless of how high you go after that, you still need to reapply. Not saying it is bad to go higher but its definitely not essential.

A cream sunscreen also helps provide the most coverage. A spray allows for you to maybe miss a spot or two. Chemical and physical sunscreens are something I just learned the difference between. Chemical sunscreens get absorbed in your skin and may be problematic for sensitive skin, while physical sunscreens sit on top of the skin and don’t cause as much irritation. Nonetheless both have their benefits and disadvantages.

Aloe Vera Gel $6

You gottttta be doing some extra loving on your skin after exposing it to the sun all day. Hopefully you used sunscreen as much as possible and aren’t worried about burns but still sun exposure can age you. I will never give up soaking up the sun, because hello summer is the best BUT I will treat my skin with sunscreen and then aloe vera afterwards.

I love an aloe vera gel to cool my skin down and rehydrate it. It also helps your tan last longer instead of developing into a burn or fading.

Rosehip Oil $9.80

This oil is another awesome way to revitalize your skin after sun exposure!

Regular Chapstick with SPF $3.49

Having a trusty chapstick at all times is crucial! Especially one with SPF.

Rose Spray $15

I love using rose spray on no makeup days, midday as well as before bed. Obviously I don’t actually use it 3 times a day but more so when I feel I need it. I absolutely love using it on no makeup days for that glowy hydrated look.


Fresh Rose Face Cream $42

A more expensive and more hydrating option for your daily moisturizer.

Tarteguard SPF 30 $32

For my ladies with deeper complexions, they definitely have tinted sunscreens that won’t leave a white cast on your skin. This sunscreen is not tinted but I have heard it is really good of avoiding the white cast. I really love it and use it under makeup or just on its own.

Summer Friday Jet Lag Mask $48

This mask is HIGHLY raved about. This is another great product to treat your skin after exposing it to the sun.

The other masks in the brand are popular as well if you are interested in treating something else like their exfoliating mask.

Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% $5.90

This oil is best for those of you who suffer with oily skin and large pores, which during summer, it seems to get more severe.

Lip Mask $20

I think everyone forgets about their lips needing some love and protection. Your lips are not immune to skin cancer folks! Be sure to have a chapstick with SPF as well as keeping them hydrated with something like this or just plain old Vaseline!


Urban Decay Naked Skin $36

This is a super lightweight foundation with light coverage. I especially love this one because it has SPF in it. Another layer of SPF, bring it on. Love the finish on the foundation and it is totally buildable. if you have a tricky spot you want to cover just go in with a concealer and you’re good to go.

Hydrating Concealer $8.79

As long as you set this down with a nice powder, it is amazing. My under eyes are creasy and I just can’t help that, but this product does a great job at keeping my eyes hydrated without making them oily. Which is the last thing I need in the summer time.

Butter Bronzer $15

This bronzer #1 smells really good and #2 is beautiful on the skin. It is really buildable so its pretty hard to go too crazy with it. It adds a really subtle natural glow.

Super Shock Highlight in Lunch Money $8

This highlighter is a really soft creme and I am obsessed. I have loved this highlighter for years now. It is really natural but also really “shiny”. It adds glow but not the chunky ugly kind.

Maybelline Nude Matte Lipstick in Clay Crush $7.49

This is my all time favorite creamy matte nude lipstick. Kathleen Lights recommended it in a video years ago. I am obsessed with the formula. It is so comfortable and I like that it fades really beautifully.

Buxom Plumping Lip Gloss in Dolly $21

Sometime in summer you want those juicy glossy lips and this will do just that. I personally don’t love lip gloss because my hair always ends up in it. I will say this specific one is actually really nice and it isn’t sticky at all! it gives a mild tingling feeling to plump your lips but it doesn’t bug me at all. I love it so much, a nice flush of color on top of a lipstick or on its own.

I really hope this post gave you guys some amazing products to incorporate into your skincare or makeup routines.

Let’s catch the wave!

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