What to Wear


rankies Bikinis Lala Floral Top $44

I know Frankies is a super popular brand and now you know ASOS sells it! I love this top so much. It provides coverage and support. I also love that it could double as a bralette.

rankies Bikinis Harley Floral Bottoms $42

istol Panties Color Block Set from ASOS $34

I love the color blocking theme and $34 for the entire set, that’s a steal.

&M Bikini Top $25

This top is perfect for the more busty girl. It looks like it provides support while also being a cute color and style.

&M Padded Bikini Top $9

bercrombie Smocked Bralette Bikini $38

arget Square Neck Bralette Bikini $14 for the top

unnyside Rust Orange Bikini Top $32

each Town Rust Orange Bikini Bottom $29

The ruching on this top is super flattering!

and A Message Teal Green Bikini Top $29

I remember as a young girl I though one pieces were like…lame. Now I realize they are actually a subtle stunt, seriously.

ordstrom BLEU by Rod Beattie $125

This bikini is perfect for those of you who want to feel good and a lil sexy in your bikini but also be covered. I feel like this great for moms who have to make sure their kids are safe in the pool but can jump at any moment to help them!

orever21 One Piece $22.90

These next two are cheaper options that are really basic. If you are going to the beach you could easily throw some high waisted shorts on and you would have an entire outfit.

orever21 One Piece $24.90

iva Dark Green Print One Piece Swimsuit $170

Okay, I’m gonna tell you right now… I am not sure who has almost $200 laying around to spend on a bikini but they exist somewhere. If that is you, girl get this bikini NOW, and buy it through my link and help a girl out 😂 For those of us not ready to spend that on a bikini, I included this mostly to give major inspo. If you can find something like this cheaper please please link it in the comment section!


weet Songs White Eyelet Off-The-ShoulderCrop Top $70

oumea Mustard Yellow Short Sleeve Button-Up Top $64

ina Sage Green Sleeveless Peplum Top $32

owntown White Distressed Denim Sleeveless Crop Top $39


ld Mate Cream Striped Wide-Leg Pants $99

I feel like the price is expensive but fair on these. This is definitely something that would be a staple in your closet. It’s something you can dress up and down and style in so many different ways.

avana White Denim Ribbon Belt Cutoff Shorts $48

I love the idea of these shorts. If you’re not ready to spend $50 on a pair of them. Find a ribbon or thin hair scarf to tie around your shorts like a belt.

orever 21 Leopard Skirt $20

I feel like this summer is going to be the summer of leopard and after that, it is gonna be out. So might as well get your fix on the trend before it goes. I love getting trendy pieces from places like Forever 21. You don’t have to pay a fortune to catch the trend. I do wish that they had better sourcing practices and hopefully in the near future, as a society, we find a solution.

aydreamer Beige Button-Front Belted Midi Skirt $55

I feel like this is another great summery piece. You can add pops of color or stay in the neutrals. Again, you can dress it up or down.

cozy clothes

After hots days outside, all I want to do is get in AC and get cozied up.

astyGal Lounge Set $60

This looks like the perfect set because it’s loose and flowy which means = breathable.


antana Camel Suede Slide Sandals $22

These look soooo cute AND comfy on.

indie Tobacco Suede Leather Wedges $119

These look absolutely perfect for graduations, weddings and other summer parties.

amryn Natural and White Striped Slide Sandals $40

I usually don’t like sandals like this but these are really cute. I love having sandals that make it look like I tried harder than I did. Rainbows are the perfect staple but man they do not make your outfit look elevated at all.

oulie Neon Yellow Lycra Ankle Strap Heels $35

OH girl if you are trying make a statement out on the town… this shoe is IT. It also is going to make your skin look extra tan and glowy.

ara Fuchsia Suede Leather Slide Sandals $39

eather White Nappa Leather Peep-Toe Mules $65

owan Navy Suede High Heel Sandals $33

anay Natural Woven Raffia Mules $33

accessories- hats/ glasses

ordstrom Wool Fedora $90

mily V. Hat- The Jenny $58

One of my favorite bloggers launched her own hair scarf and hat line! They are all really cute and perfect for summer. I find hats to be great to protect your skin from the sun and elevate any outfit.

ay Ban Icons $153

uay from thredUp $33

uay Don’t @ Me from Bloomingdales $65

arza White and Rose Gold Sunglasses $10

hick Flick Pink Cat-Eye Sunglasses $10

Hr Express Mousse in Dark $40

We should all do our best to stay out of the sun, especially without protection. I have never used fake tanner but I have heard only good things about this brand. I am nervous to try it for myself, cause I have seen some awkward self-tans. On the flipside I know sun-bathing is not good for your skin, and I have been tanning for basically my whole life. I want to give it a try, if anyone has recommendations or tips, leave them below!

Around the House

JMaxx $40

I fell like a house plant makes the environment just feel more alive (even if its a fake one).

algreens $7

After a long day in the sun, you should treat your skin to some relaxation. (Not if your burnt though, this could cause more irritation!)

arget Plush Pouf $50

illiam Sonoma $29.95 for a set of 6

These are absolutely adorable for when you are hosting little get-togethers. Just imagine a nice cold pink cocktail in those.

orld Market $90

I’m not saying you need a $90 umbrella but.. if you have a nice backyard and you are on the hunt for one… 😏

verstock $68

Okay but this is absolutely amazing to have sitting by the pool.

ntex Floating Cooler on Amazon $18

Now, this cooler is perfect to have IN the pool. Isn’t it frustrating having to get in and out to get a drink? Also another amazing product for the lake. Whoever ends up in the boat on my family trips to the lake becomes the boat bitch… yea you heard me right. Basically, the person who has to refill everyone’s drinks. This helps make the boat bitch job much easier lol.

Later this month I’m going to post my skincare and makeup essentials for summer and a “what’s in my beach bag” post so stay tuned!

I also decided to include some more inspiration by grouping some items together to create a cute outfit!

Thank God it is summer time , in my opinion, the best time.

Let’s get tan and catch the wave! 🌊

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