In high school I always wanted to do something different to my hair but my mom always said no. She told me my hair was beautiful and not to ruin it blah blah haha. So I took it upon myself to find natural ways to lighten hair. For a summer I tried squeezing lemon juice into my hair. It was messy, sticky and attracted bugs. I dropped that idea especially when I did not see any results. The next summer my friend showed me Sun-In. I was mind-blown there was a product for exactly what I wanted. The best thing was my mom couldn’t complain because I wasn’t dying my hair. After some uses I saw some results, slight lightening. What really made my hair dramatically was a trip to Mexico. I sprayed my hair every single day and my hair was dramatically lighter! Yes it works! The best part is there isn’t damage to the hair, at least nothing like dyeing and bleaching. As long as you continue to take good care of your hair and deep condition or use coconut oil as a mask, your hair quality should not change too much. 

They currently have two different scents and I really enjoy the pink bottle, Tropical Breeze! Here is the yellow one, at Target and the pink one at Walgreens. It costs around $4.99. 

Here are some photos of my hair before sun in. My hair was a dark brown with a tiny bit of blonde and reddish brown. 

Here are some photos after sun-in. My new color has a lot more blonde and reddish brown tones. Sun-in really brings out your natural lighter color so don’t expect your hair to be bleach blonde if you have black hair, probably not going to happen.

My hair changed dramatically. People were constantly asking me if I was dying my hair. Luckily, my hair already lightened naturally from just the sun so with the addition of sun-in, it was super light. I stopped using it but my hair continued to get lighter from the sun. Now my roots are growing and you can see the darkness a little more. If you are looking for a cheap and easy way to bring some dimension to your hair I recommend it for sure. If you have any questions please feel free to comment them down below! Be sure to subscribe to my blog via email down below and never miss a post. See ya next time to catch the wave!

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