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The bay area has never disappointed when it comes to adventure, great food, and great sites to see. I have been three times now and each time there is something new to see or do. 

We first went to The Bird for an early lunch. We weren’t sure where it was because they had no giant sign hanging out front just this little sign. The only reason we recognized it was because I recognized the little green tables from Yelp reviews. The long line waiting outside also called some major attention to it. Luckily the line moved fast and most people were taking their food to go. It was a lunch rush from the offices surrounding the area. 

This is their menu but we went online to look at the menu because we were waiting outside for a few minutes and wanted to be ready to order. Plus the online menu has more details on ingredients and deals. Sadly they were out of the apple fritters so we couldn’t order those. The space inside was a little limited but we managed to grab a spot to sit right away. 

I got the regular chicken sandwich and we shared curly fries. 

Zack got the spicy chicken sandwich. 

The decor was really cute. The food overall was pretty good but we weren’t like dying over it. Still, a pretty good spot to stop at, especially if you like chicken sandwiches. 

Then we walked around the area and found the museum of ice cream. There was a crazy long line and tickets are so exclusive so we decided if we wanted to go bad enough we could just get tickets in LA. Zack thought it was cute my shirt matched the banners behind me so he offered to take a picture😂😍 We wanted to stop at Mr. Holmes but by the time we got there they had no food left and closed for the day! Who knew they were so exclusive. Hopefully we can try the LA location soon! 

Then we drove over to the painted ladies. Even though I have been here three times, we had never stopped at the painted ladies! Another staple is Lombard Street, we went there at night the first time we came and it was beautiful! I can write another blog post strictly about places to see and do, the staples of San Francisco. Let me know if you would like those to go along with these itineraries like posts☺  The streets to look for are Hayes and Steiner but Google Maps has it as a location now so you can just search for “painted ladies” and it will pop up!

We got some pretty cute shots here. It would’ve been super helpful if we had another person to take pictures of us together but🤷🏻 oh well. People were super friendly though and lots of people were taking pictures so if you’re going alone or want a group pic just ask! 

We then drove over to the flower mart. We made it just before they closed. It was the Friday before Easter so they had tons of beautiful spring flowers. 

Zack picked out the flowers and we made a cute little spring bouquet. I had to make this in the car while it was moving with no cutters or trash and boy was it was a journey😂

Next, we got ice cream from Norman’s Ice Cream and Freezes. We were walking along Jefferson St. looking for some ice cream. Right before Ben & Jerry’s, we came across a sign that said ” looking for the best ice cream? head this way!” So it felt like fate so we headed down the alley. We found it on our left-hand side with a lovely little line out the door. We figured it must be good and its something different from Ben & Jerry’s we can get at home. Sadly there was only one employee trying to run this line so it took like 20 minutes to get in front of a 10 or so person line. Zack ordered mango and strawberry ice cream in a waffle cone. I ordered the mango and cookie dough ice cream. Let me just say this ice cream was booOOOoooOoomb! They didn’t skimp on flavor whatsoever. The mango tasted like amazing fruity fresh mango and the cookie dough ice cream had huge delicious chunks. I would totally wait 20 minutes again. 

We then decided to take our adventure a couple hours out of SF. Our hope was to reach Point Reyes Lighthouse at the end of the drive and it worked out perfectly. This little town is basically one long highway you can follow all the way up. 

Once we were about an hour out of SF we made it to a shipwreck. 

We only crossed paths with a few other people looking for photos so it made it really easy to get pictures. It is pretty crazy to think of the history of the ship. The inside was pretty wrecked, looks like teenagers have tried hiding out in it and hanging out. Pretty cool stop along the way to the lighthouse. 

Another thirty-minute drive and we made it to the Cypress Tree Tunnel. Again, there weren’t that many people here. We actually stopped at it on the way back down and no one was there. We didn’t go all the way to the end where the building was. Let me just say the view on the way up for the last thirty minutes is totally amazing. It’s a lot of farms, cows, grass, barns and faint views of the ocean in the distance. It is totally secluded and beautiful. I will say the drive in its entirety is also pretty twisty turny.

Finally, the Point Reyes Lighthouse. You basically come to this dead end and park then head up a little hike. We were freezing and tired but we managed to make it through the hike. Some people actually drive up and live up there. There was another little spot for photos with trees right before and then you make it to the guest center. By the time we got there, the steps down to the lighthouse were closed. There was a family who crossed and went down anyways buuuuuut we did not do that. 

The sun was setting and it was so amazing. The view of untouched sands and green green grass were magical. 

Like, come on…

It doesn’t get better than this. 

My Aunt Diane recommended a restaurant for us to head to on the way down. We barely made it in time. It was all the way back by the bridge, Barrel House Tavern. It was a restaurant on the water with a beautiful view of the bridge and water, totally gorgeous. Excuse the next few photos, the lighting was very dim (for the aesthetic) and I had trouble taking pictures lol

We got the meatballs as an appetizer and they were really good!

I had the chicken with vegetables and mashed potatoes. It was sooo good and the service was amazing as well.

Zack had steak and loved it as well. Again the photos😂 I’m sorry, we were too excited to eat to spend all night getting a good photo!

I know this picture also isn’t the most amazing but I thought it was a cool shot of us driving over the bridge at night. I really hope this post helped you figure out what you want to see the next time you’re in SF. 

In this particular post, we didn’t see all the staples but some hidden treasures. We saw a lot of the major city staples the first and second time around and let me tell you it was not cheap! I am partnered with CityPass to bring you a cheaper way of seeing the best of SF while saving a few bucks! If you’re interested in seeing any of the attractions listed below, definitely click this link to see the best deal you can get! You can also switch certain attractions for the Alcatraz tour!

We had so much fun and always get excited about going back! If you guys would be interested in more travel posts let me know in the comments! I can make posts like this, where I detail the timeline out or I could just give recommendations of places to try in a numbered list with some information! Let me know what styles you like best☺ Be sure you are subscribed below so you never miss a chance to catch the wave🌊


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