DIY gifts are the best type of gifts to give to the person who has everything or can buy anything they need. That being said, creating a gift that is worthwhile for someone is the hardest part. My cousin, Dani, recently made this gift for someone who had moved a few hours from home. This could be perfect for anyone moving away, moving out, going to college or anything along those lines. Basically it is a coffee table decoration with little notes inside from loved ones. So whenever her friend gets lonely, she can open the box up and read a note from someone who loves her. My cousin gathered notes from her family all over. This gift is adorable, easy and inexpensive. Let’s get into it!

Dani bought everything she needed from Michael’s. You will need some sort of latch opening shadow box or table top. The one she found already had three sections made. If yours doesn’t it is really simple to make them. Just buy little wood dividers and cut them to fit the box and glue them down. The one she found did not have legs so she bought four legs from Michael’s as well. The ones she used are pictured above. To attach them all you do is hot glue the legs on the bottom and let them dry. 

Now, for the fake soil and the fake succulents. On the right and left sections, she glued sticky tape on the bottom and added fake soil (which she found from Michael’s).The fake soil was a loose gravel that she had to press in. Then using adhesive spray she glued the succulents and rocks on, you could also use hot glue or super glue. She got the succulents from a pack at Michael’s. She also found some potted ones that she liked. You can totally go to Amazon or somewhere else for all this stuff, this is just where she got everything. Once everything was glued down on both sides you want to make sure everything stuck firm. Luckily, the design is so that it stays flat so there shouldn’t be any issues. 

Next, you need a battery-powered LED light strip. They sell these pretty much everywhere. She hot glued the little strip of lights around the perimeter of the inside of the box. She then glued the batteries under the box, for easy access. 

For the center, she used the sticky adhesive and glued a fabric in the center. She found these cute cards at Michael’s as well but she did say there were a lot on Amazon too! On the cards are motivational and inspirational messages from family and friends. 

All together this is the finished product. The latch is extremely important, otherwise the person could not get to their notes! 

The box with the lights off is still super cute! It is small enough to put on a coffee table and not take up too much space. 

With the lights on, it is even cuter. The best part of this gift is that it is purposeful. When she runs out of notes she could repurpose the box. She could put her remotes in it or coasters. She could even change it up and make it a hanging piece. The possibilities don’t end with this gift. Dani came up with this idea all by herself and it came out Pinterest perfect! If you guys try this DIY out let me know in the comments below. Also, if you have any other DIY ideas for people moving out, leaving for college or anything like that leave it in the comments. Thank you guys so much for reading today! Don’t forget to subscribe via email below and never miss a chance to Catch the Wave!

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