First things first, the brand Warby Parker is everything you could ask for. Trendy, simple, quick, and charitable. They truly care about their customers and the world. Today, I am writing about their at-home try-on program. Basically, you can choose 5 pairs of glasses/ sunglasses to get sent straight to your house completely free. No catch. I know!

Get your at home try-on here.  Shipping to and from is free. The entire experience is free! And if you decide you like a pair, you can purchase them online from the emails they send you your confirmations from.

When you buy from Warby, you are not only getting super sweet glasses, you are donating a pair to someone else who needs them. 

For more information on the buy-a-pair, give-a-pair program, check it out on their site here.

So let’s get into my experience ordering from Warby. So, of course, I started off on their website. You can take the quick quiz to see what glasses they recommend for you, based on your preferences.  

You get your box in the mail in a couple days with clear instructions and a shipping label for on the way back. 

You can try a different pair of glasses every day for the 5 days or try them all in one day! It is totally up to you. 

It is honestly as simple as that and then you send them back in your mailbox! You can decide which ones you want on the website or from your email from Warby. These are some of the fun pics I got in my glasses.

I had so much fun trying out my glasses! If you want to try this program, click here. It’s not only sunglasses! They have prescription glasses too. Head to their site to see all the styles they have available. 

To wrap things up:

I won’t lie the glasses to purchase them can be pretty expensive BUT pretty comparable to other brands like Ray-Ban. What sets them apart is they donate a pair to someone who needs a pair of glasses but can’t afford them. If you’re looking to give back a little in your new glasses, this is the company for you.

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