beach bag

The first thing you need of course need a beach bag.


rcular woven beach bag $33 from target

This one is a nice size and on trend for summer.



from target

I feel like sunscreen is an oddly controversial topic. I have heard spray sunscreen isn’t as good because you don’t rub it in. I think that definitely depends on the user.

I personally really like this one because it smells delicious and doesn’t leave an annoying residue.

Make sure you also apply sunscreen to your face before going to the beach using your favorite! I will be sharing mine in a summer skincare post soon.



4 from Sephora

My all time favorite chapstick overall is the one I listed above! It is on the pricy side so you can really just bring whatever chapstick you like. Burts Bees also has one with SPF. I love this one because its tinted, smooth AND has SPF.

wet brush


iginal wet brush $9 from target


ni wet brush $5 from target

I am SO obsessed with the Wet Brush Line. My mom brought hers on vacation once and I brushed my hair with it straight out of the shower. I became obsessed with how delicate it was with my hair but still got out the tangles. For beach days, you’re adding sand and salt water into the mix, this brush will do the trick. They also have the mini travel brushes which I also like.



l splashproof portable speaker $40 from target

This is the one I have. I actually got it when I upgraded my phone a few years ago. It still works great for the price. Not extremely loud but you can still definitely hear it over the ocean sounds.


ckies of london $15 from urban outfitters

There are so many different speakers you can choose from. You could go bigger for better sound or cheaper and portable.



droflask $35 from the paper store


at cotton on

That is a hell of a price for a water bottle haha. I always recommend bringing a reusable bottle for your water! It’s good for the environment and convenient.

I also really love finding bottles at Marshalls or HomeGoods.

Now depending on the beach you’re at, you can bring some nice wine or cocktails to sip on!



ocolate covered cashews $8 from walgreens

I won’t lie if it’s an extremely hot day at the beach, chocolate might not be your go to. Still, I love this as a quick snack, so if it’s a cooler day, go for it.


.56 from boulder canyon

I actually tried these recently at a gas station. Picked them up as a quick snack and was really impressed. They are also a lot healthier than your average small bag of Ruffles. They’re also $2.99 at Target.

A sandwich is the go-to beach meal, as long as you don’t get sand in it. Another good snack is chips and salsa, hummus with vegetables, ceviche, cut up fruit, and candy. Really depends on how healthy you are trying to be lol. These are my go to snacks though.

portable phone charger


ni portable charger $30 from ebags

aloe vera


from buy buy baby

After years of going to Lake Havasu and always getting burnt or just a little too exposed to the sun, we lathered up in this stuff after a shower.

For $6 this will last you a very long time, a couple summers long. I like to try and remember to bring a little bit of this just in case burning comes early and we are spending the entire day at the beach.

hat/hair ties


8 from emily v.

I love Emily’s blog and content. She just launched a hat and hair things line and I am obsessed! Everything is really cute and high quality. Not sponsored whatsoever but if you are in the market for a high quality straw hat, I gotchu.

beach towel and blanket


2.70 for a turkish towel from etsy

A cute beach blanket to sit on is a must. These come in super cute colors and are such a good price!

change of warmer clothes


u’ve Met Your Match Ribbed Set $60 from nastygal

spray bottles


.99 from the container store

For those real hot days, you need a spray bottle. Instead of having to get up and get in the ocean to cool down, just a quick spritz.

our girl is always ready for the beach. All this stuff is stuff I already had at home. I don’t like keep the bag packed though.. that’s sorta weird lol.

ope you guys are pumped to hit the beach and bring along all the essentials! I packed a few extra hygiene items in my bag just to show ya some of the small stuff you can include! Things like Advil, makeup wipes, antibacterial wipes and perfume!

what is essential for you to bring to the beach?

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