My family is hosting brunch at my house for Easter this year. I went straight to Pinterest to look for food and decoration inspiration.

I figured gathering some of my favorite ones into one post would be easy for you guys to see everything all together. I left credit for where I got posts from and the photos have links directly to recipes! I have some ideas other than hosting your own brunch and things you can just do with your families.

Things to Do:


  • What’s a celebration without food right?

  • Go out to a restaurant after church

  • Host it at your home

  • ask your friends and family to bring food and drinks

  • create simple decor

  • plates/ napkins

  • simple signage

  • cake stands

  • easter eggs

  • candles

  • serving dishes and trays

Easter Egg Hunt (most obvious one if you have kids)

Decorate Desserts with Kids

  • cupcakes, cookies

Decorate Easter Eggs

  • shaving cream

  • paint + glitter

  • classic dye

Play a family game

  • Monopoly

  • Easter Trivia

Make Easter Baskets

I found some decor inspiration for brunch at home. You can find a lot of these things at the 99 cent store, Marshalls, Big Lots and Target.

Credit: Home with Holiday

Credit: The House That Lars Built

Credit: The Lettered Cottage

Credit: Celebrations at Home

So if you decide hosting brunch is the way to go then I have included a lovely list of food to make/ buy or bring.

Food to Make:


Credit: Mama Challenge

2. Deviled Eggs

Credit: Spicy Southern Kitchen

3. Potato Salad

Credit: A Spicy Perspective

4. Hot Cross Buns

Credit: Jo the Tart Queen

5. Ham

Credit: The Chunky Chef

6. Parfait

Credit: Colorado Parent

7. Easter Nest Desserts

Credit: The Recipe Rebel

8. Carrot Cake

Credit: Just a Taste

Credit: Preppy Kitchen

9. Butter Croissants

Credit: Jellibean Journal

10. Macaroons

Credit: Lauren Conrad

Do something nice to display your food options!

Credit: Oh So Busy Mom

Credit: William Sonoma

I hope this helped you guys figure out what you are going to do this Easter! No matter what you end up doing, even if its nothing, I hope you do it with good food and family.

Happy Easter! 🐰🐣🌷

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